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The episode begins with Alia looking at Sarangdhar as she is later abducted by the police. Tere liye gaane vajavato… ..Aliya’s eyes come and cry… .Sarangdhar’s eyes also meet… .Walking towards him, he remembers his moments. She remembers their first visit in childhood, their love and all their moments. That’s when she fell unconscious. The lady constable grabbed her. Sarangdhar also fainted and fell down.

Alia later regained consciousness at the hospital. Nandini told the nurse to call the doctor. Alia asked where Sarangdhar was and asked if he was OK. The doctors come there and say Sarangdhar is fine, he was kept, there are chemical residues, and so he will be kept separate so that he does not get infected. Alia said she was tense as Sarangdhar was missing. She insists on meeting him. The doctor says you can see him from afar. Alia Sarangdhar can be seen. They become emotional.

Kamaleshwari slapped Suraj’s father and threatened to tell him not to dare to look at her children. Suraj’s father scolded him for betraying him. He has been arrested by the police. Kumkum tells Kamaleshwari to come home and says that Lalla is back now. Kamaleshwari says I am going to the hospital, I will not calm down until I see Alia and Lalla well. Sarangdhar and Alia put their hands on the glass. Alia asks why did you walk away from me? Sarangdhar says I was punished for staying away from him and he was reminding her. Alia tells him to get well soon. He asks are you alright Alia said what you did is bravery, Kumkum told me everything. Sarangdhar says that we ran for 2 days and when he wanted to choose between Kumkum and him, he chose her because he knew she would find him. He says sorry and thank you. Alia says you are saying this after 4 days. Sarangdhar says I love you and says there was only the upper window in the place where the captives were, and that was my hope, it was just like yours. He tells her to rest and let him rest too. Kamaleshwari comes to meet Sarangdhar. The nurse says you can’t see him because he could be infected. Kamaleshwari comes near the glass window and looks at him. Sarangdhar says I’m fine, Amma. Kamaleshwari tells him to rest and says that now that I have seen you, I will find peace. Sarangdhar also calls me. He says I will rest. Kamalashwari thanked Alia for reading Sarangdhar. Alia said that if I had found him early, he would not have been infected. Kamaleshwari hugged her.

Rosie, Mala and Rahul come to meet Sarangdhar and show the ball as soon as possible. Sarangdhar smiled. I came to Alia and told her that she also met Sarangdhar. Alia says I have an idea to encourage her and whisper in her ear. Mala goes. Sarangdhar found a gift box in a hospital room with a message from Mehra.

Sarangdhar is made in a suit gifted by Alia. Alia is ready in a beautiful white dress with white flowers / orchids in her hand. Alia tells him that when they get married on April 12, it will be for family and society and that it is already her world and she will not wait for any date to tell it. She says she wants to promise him something before marrying him, she was running away from her feelings all her life, then she came into his life and gave him so much love. She says she wants to experience all the emotions that are with him and it is not like he is not there at the moment. She puts her hand on the glass wall. He puts his hand on the glass wall. Alia says we are only in this moment, just remember us and not on this hospital and glass wall. Sarangdhar assures him that if he is resurrected, he wants his life to be with her. He says being with her is the greatest joy of his life. She said her happiness would double when the children were born and promised to be loyal to her.

Alia said that she was declared as husband and wife without being satisfied with their marriage by a Pandit or a Purohit. Sarangdhar smiled. Alia also laughs. She kissed the glass wall. Sarangdhar kisses the glass wall. Dil diya galla khelato… Alia said I love you. Sarangdhar calls me too and promises not to get away from her. She leaned her head against the wall. He leaned his head against the wall.

Kamaleshwari told Alia that she had kept the idol of baby Gopal in the house without asking her. Alia is fine, but I can’t pray every day. Kamaleshwari says that there is some power here that is running this world. Alia said yes and prays to God for keeping Sarangdhar well. Sarangdhar gets a call from Mehta, who says that if his draft was not good, they would not have considered giving him a chance. Sarangdhar is happy. Mehta says he will pay Rs 8 lakh for his work. Sarangdhar agrees and thinks of telling Alia.

Prepp: Sarangdhar informs Alia that Mehta has hired him for his film and he will have to move out of Mumbai. Alia was worried.

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