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Kamaleshwari starts the episode by telling Alia that she will come with her and can’t leave her alone. They go to some scrap factory behind a police jeep. Alia feels if Sarangdhar is near. The inspector tells the constable to get ready and he asks if he has kidnapped Sarangdhar for money. They didn’t find anyone there, only his phone. Alia cries. Kamaleshwari told her not to lose hope and said she would tell the police about the suspicion on Brijmohan. Alia said, then Mr. Pandey will suffer. Kamaleshwari says I just want Sarangdhar, you and the kids get together. Gautam tries to find Sarangdhar and tells Nandini that Alia does not pick up the call. Nandini said she doesn’t even take my call. She called Rabia and informed her that Sarangdhar was missing. Rabia said that Alia was not telling me and she was talking about the complications of her pregnancy.

Kusum comes home and tells Pawan that there is drama in the office, but Sarangdhar did not come today. Pawan says he was home alone. She tells him to find a job. The wind opened the door and Brijmohan fell injured. Kusum Papa shouts. The doctor came and told him that he had some injuries. Kamaleshwari asks if you have any deep wounds? The doctor says no. To allay our suspicions, Kamaleshwari expressed his concern to the police that he should carry out a suicide attack on himself. Alia asks why he would do this. Kamaleshwari said you don’t know if he can shake you. Alia praises Kamaleshwari for keeping the family united. The inspector told Alia that he would talk to other inspectors who investigated the theft in her office. He talks to the inspector and realizes that he has taken the lead in the theft case. Alia visits him and realizes that the theft was committed by her staff because it is difficult to break her high security system. He says the person who broke the CCTV cam was injured and no one in the office is aware of it. He says we will catch the thief.

Kamaleshwari takes care of Brij Mohan and Sarangdhar remembers how to use it to please her. She hopes he comes home soon. Alia comes home. Rabia asks how are you? Alia went inside the room and shouted. She says I don’t believe this is happening to me and I feel like I’m living someone else’s life. Rabia gives her injections so she can sleep a few times. Nandini asks her not to get stressed in this situation. Alia looks at Rabia. Nandini says I am your mother and I was skeptical. When you didn’t pick up the call, I called Rabia. She says I won’t tell anyone, and I don’t want to regret not being with you anymore. Alia hugs her and says she wants to do something for her children. She calls her Mamma and says she is missing Sarangdhar. Nandini hugged Alia. Rabia hopes that Alia will visit her mother today and hopes that she will reach Sarangdhar soon.

Brij Mohan attains consciousness. Grandpa asks if it’s okay? Kamaleshwari asks him to ask what he did to Sarangdhar? Alia looks at all the staff and wonders who might be involved in the theft from the office. Param tells Alia that he is calling the meeting. Alia said well.

Rahul tells Alia that Sarangdhar is not coming to the office and clients are calling a lot. They say they will give the job to Fahim. Fahim says I will handle. Alia thanks him. Police said the police need to take Sarangdhar’s statement.

Kamaleshwari asked Brij Mohan to ask where is Sarangdhar? Buwa who beats her. Alia asks Param if you want to say that Sarangdhar stole from his own locker? Param says no. Alia said that Sarangdhar is out for some work and he wants anyone who wants to talk about him to talk to her. Faheem tells Param that something is wrong and Alia is hiding something.

Kamaleshwari tells Kusum what Brij Mohan said. She asked him where is Sarangdhar? Elai’s doctor is there. The inspector calls Alia and says that they understood about the boy who had thrown Sarangdhar down in the auto and then he got a call and left.

Alia thinks of Sarangdhar’s poems and cries. Faheem washed the wound in the bathroom and tied the bandage. Rahul knocks on the door and asks to give a presentation. Faheem comes out and looks at Sarangdhar’s cabin and surprises him and thinks you are good where you are. He comes and gives a presentation. As soon as the blood comes out, Alia sees his injury and asks him to show the injury. Faheem says this is an old injury. Alia told Rahul to call the police.

Prep: Observers say that this case is special as the name of Gautam Arama is related.

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