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The episode begins with Kamaleshwari praying after placing an idol of God in Alia’s house. She gives prasad to Alia. Sarangdhar calls Alia and says that Mehtaji called and told him that he liked the story and for that I have to go out of town, but come back before the wedding. Alia said she was just praying for him. Sarangdhar says he will start work once he is discharged tomorrow. Nandini came there with the designer and she shows the lehenga. Alia sends this photo to Sarangdhar and he likes pink lehenga. Alia chooses it and goes to try. She comes back. Kamaleshwari asks what is on the lehenga? Alia said some stitches have been opened. She says she will wear it as she likes Sarangdhar. Buwa says this is an ominous thing. Alia spoke to Sarangdhar from the call. Sarangdhar says I want to finish the story before our wedding. Alia asks him not to bother Dilsa work. She tells him to ask and tells him that everyone thought it was an ominous thing, like my lehenga tore a little.

Sarangdhar meets Mehta and works on his story. It shows that the days are passing. Nandini shows Alia the designs of the wedding card. Alia loves it. The days are getting quieter. On March 10, Nandini asked Alia to get ready as the first card would be presented at the temple. Alia says okay. Buwa Ji tells Elai to get ready and tells about the ominous thing.

Sarangdhar thinks of talking to Alia and thinks that he can’t get married. Alia keeps God’s first marriage card in the temple. Pandit Ji performs Aarti and the wedding card catches fire. Alia tried to start a fire. Gautam stops Alia. Brij Mohan accused Alia of insulting him. Gautam says your son is inauspicious. Alia was sad. She calls Sarangdhar, but he refuses her call.

A few days later, Sarangdhar appears in his house, while Alia empties the cupboard in her room for him. Then she sits down for her mehndi rasam. Alia asks Kamaleshwari about Sarangdhar. Kusum says she can meet after marriage. Alia said she could not meet him when she returned. Kamaleshwari says that being a father is becoming your responsibility. Sarangdhar calls her and says he wants to talk to her. Alia said you are on the loudspeaker. Sarangdhar says he will talk to her later. Alia says that his name Sarangdhar is written by Mehndi on her hand. He looks restless. Buwa ji says that mehndi powder will be dark. Elaichi says that Alia is being mixed with amla, not mehndi. Kamaleshwari says that Sarangdhar loves her very much and that is why her mehndi will be dark. Then Alia came out and her hands are empty. Buwa who scolds her. Kamaleshwari asks her to sit down.

Sarangdhar then calls Alia. Alia says she doesn’t believe in Abshagun / bad things and says I don’t want to lose you. Sarangdhar says it will not happen. Alia says we blindly trust each other. Sarangdhar asks if you want to tell me and hide something from me. Alia said nothing. Sarangdhar says don’t worry, you won’t lose me. Alia said let her run away and get married today. He asks her if she is OK.

Alia asks Sarangdhar if he is OK. Sarangdhar Yes, I am fine, but confused. He says Alia, I miss you. Alia says I will tell you how you know this. He says he knows her heartbeat. Alia said she wanted to meet him and hug him, but everyone said they would meet after the wedding. Sarangdhar says there are still a few days left to the wedding. Alia was ready. As soon as the moment comes, Rahul tells her to come quickly. Alia comes there and ties Rahul’s ghatbandhan with me. Rahul says he never thought this day would come in his life and thanked him for marrying Alia. Alia said I think we are not together because we are not together. Alia calls Agastya. A little boy comes and hugs her and calls her mamma.

Prep: Sarangdhar is shown with his daughter. Alia feels that she does not want to meet him and is happy with her son.

Update credit to: H Hassan