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The episode begins with Inspector and Alia arriving at the scene. Observers say we could not find Sarangdhar, but we found the girl. Alia asks who is she? The constable is bringing Kumkum there. Kumkum is very scared and she tells Alia to save Sarangdhar and Suraj. She says she came running. The inspector asked her where are Sarangdhar and Suraj? Alia tells the inspector that Kumkum does not ask her to make any statement. She says Sarangdhar’s family is very important to her and she is doing the same thing they did. She takes him to the hospital and has him examined by Rabia. Rabia says everything is fine and gives her medicine. Kamaleshwari comes there. Alia says Kumkum is fine. Kamaleshwari tells her to go home. Alia agrees. She comes into the office and sits at Sarangdhar’s desk. She cries and gets emotional. Pink comes there. Alia said you are working late. Rosie says she was finishing work and asks if Sarangdhar was found. Kumkum is still in Rabia’s clinic. Rosie tells Alia that they are all praying for him and says he will be found. She says you know how I reacted when I found out I was a writer? An FB is shown, Sarangdhar asked her to sign. She asks if you want to be a writer? He says yes. She takes him to the gifts room and removes her scarf. He says he can’t take any shortcuts to become a writer. She shows her cards and closes her eyes and asks for energy. She asked him to choose any three colors. She guesses he will have solidarity and partnership with someone. The FB will end. Rosie says that I had predicted the union of you and Sarangdhar.

Pawan asks Rabia if Kumkum has regained consciousness. Rabia said no. Pawan hopes that she will soon regain consciousness, so that Sarangdhar can be found. Alia sets up Sarangdhar’s desk and was in the office till morning. Kumkum attains consciousness. Alia comes to meet her. Kumkum says that Suraj’s father threatened to kill my son and that is why she asked Suraj to take her to Sarangdhar in Mumbai. She says Suraj’s father got into the goon train, but he managed to get to Mumbai. She says she called Sarangdhar from the PCO. The inspector says Sarangdhar got her call. Kumkum says that Sarangdhar saved her, but his life is in danger.

Gautam and Buwa ji have an argument over Kumkum. Alia cries and misses Sarangdhar. “You must have felt the same way when I was in the hospital,” she says. She told him to come back quickly.

Bridge warns Mohan Kumkum and says that if anything happens to her son, he will not leave anyone behind. Kamaleshwari said that once the police catch Suraj’s father, both Suraj and Sarangdhar will return.

Alia spoke to the police. She got a call from Suraj’s father who asked her to open the door and take the gift. She opens the door and sees a packet. Nandini takes the packet inside and opens it. She found a cloth. Alia runs to the washroom and washes her face. She comes to the office with Nandini. Suraj’s father comes there and says you don’t have evidence against people but I have evidence. He calls someone.

Prekap: Alia got angry with Suraj’s father and arrested him. She then decides to withdraw the complaint and tells the inspector.

Update credit to: H Hassan