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On his way back from school, Sarang pampered his daughter and talked to her. He asks Sayuri how her day at school was, and she tells him about beating two children and injuring another, and Sarang is shocked. She says I should treat people the way I should. Sarang explained to Sayuri that if she did, people would blame her. Sayuri became emotional and told her father that if anyone said that, I would break his face. Alia, on the other hand, puts Agastya to bed and apologizes for taking her to the office despite the fever. She says I want to give you all kinds of comfort and luxury but now your mother is so helpless that she has nothing in it. Agastya tells his mother that this is not a big game because you did a lot for me and I read in the comic book that Anggu is a Superman and I have to fight for myself. He promised Alia that he would try to stand up against the onslaught again tomorrow and would not disappoint her.

While Kamaleshwari was already talking to Kavya, Sayuri came back home while Sarang and Sayuri came back home and Sayuri was eager to talk to her. Sarang asks Sayuri to address her as Kaki but she calls him Kayu Mamma. Kavya was offended by Sarang’s words. Sarang talks to Kavya about his work but he refuses to come back to Mumbai under any circumstances.

Agastya goes to bed in Mumbai and Alia gets a call from Rabia asking her about Aggu and Alia expresses concern about Agastya’s bullying problem and she expresses concern about her mental health. She talks to Agastya at night through that website and if both of them express their concerns, Alia tells Sarang that she hopes that Agastya will improve and both of them are trying to ask each other personal questions but hold on as it will be awkward. And unwanted.

The next morning Sayuri is making a scene in the house to go home and convince Sarang but he is not ready to do it under any circumstances. Sayuri says she wants to meet her mother and they say that at school she will have to present a project on the subject of family trees but she does not have a picture of her mother. Agatya uses it for the first time in his brain to prevent bullying and he succeeded. An environmentalist thinks that graffiti books have the right information on how to fight our own battles. Alia is holding her father responsible for her and Sarang’s separation. She says that if you think I’m happy when my relationship is ruined then so be it but don’t try to interfere in my and my child’s life. Happy as we are. Sayuri, on the other hand, draws Kavya Book tickets for Mumbai and Sarang gets angry at her for it.

Prep: Sayuri and family came to Mumbai. She falls ill and the doctor gives Sarang an ultimatum.