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Sarang started the series by telling his daughter again and again about going to Mumbai. Sayuri fainted after the uproar and at first Sarang thinks she is playing around and she is not serious. He walks out of the room but Kamaleshwari realizes that she is not acting and is unconscious for real. She called Sarang and he was worried when he saw Sayuri’s condition. He immediately rushed to the hospital with her and the doctor says you need to know about her illness and we need to start treatment on her as soon as possible.

However, the type of treatment she offers is not available in this city and you will find the best infrastructure for this type of treatment at the best heart surgery hospital in Mumbai. Sarang was not ready to go to Mumbai and he was trying to convince the doctors himself or more or less that he would be able to cure his daughter without going to Mumbai. Alia, on the other hand, is upset and she thinks my son is with me so why do I feel like someone close to me is going too far. She remembers what happened six years ago and how Sarang felt when she left him.

Sarang, on the other hand, is angry with Alia because he thinks that he has left her and their daughter for her career and work and the only daughter of these two is their daughter Sayuri but she has left her for job and career. He says I will never go to this city again and I am able to forgive that woman. He remembered that he had been involved in a fraud case and that Alia had helped him financially. He got angry at her for helping him because she thought he was just doing her so much favor. Alia was trying to tell him that she was only helping her because she had the right to be her fianc.

Sarang thinks I give our relationship a second chance but whatever the outcome, she leaves us anyway. He texted Alia from that parenting app and made her understand that he should come to Mumbai not for his daughter and ex-wife.

Sarang booked a ticket for Mumbai and Sayuri was very excited to visit the city he had always dreamed of. Agastia guesses that he is talking to the author again and thanks him for boosting his self-confidence for which he is able to fight back. He tells Alia that I will study a lot this time because if I don’t come first, you won’t let me meet Azad Roy. Alia seriously pondered when she promised Augusti in a moment but she did not know how she would manage to meet Azad. Agastya tells Alia that you are the best mother in the world.

Prep: Sarang and Sayuri are in Mumbai and Alia was met by Sayuri and Sarang with Agastya.