Teri Laadli Mein 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshat Learns A Shocking Truth – Telly Updates

Written part of Teri Ladli in April 2, 2021, written update on teleupdates.com

Beatty made Richa sit in front of the window in front of wet clothes. She’s feeling better, Richa said. Beatty signals They do this in the village to get cool air. Yash loudly tells her to leave. Once Beatty left, Richa hugged Yash and said she felt really good. Beatty drew a line of Scotch proposing to her and looking at his gift locket reminded her of the incident. Hey Ray Piya..sang plays in the background. She ties the locket in her pallu and sees him coming home. The witness follows him. The beard greets them and tells them to sit down. Beatty hides her sketches and gives them water. The witness refused, but Akshat accepted. The witness then sees the locket in Beatty’s pallu and remembers seeing the same locket in her family jewelers’ shop. Richa was happy to see Akshat. Akshat says he has brought her home. Yash thinks he will enjoy her mother-in-law’s place. Urmila tells Bitty to take Richa’s red chunari.

When the witness goes to her, Beatty walks into her room and shouts not to pay attention to the letter because it is hers and tries to take the locket from the bridge but fails. Beatty is gone. The witness angrily throws a toy at her and she grabs it. Grandma calls Bitty and she leaves. The witness noticed the surrounding sketch and noticed Yash giving Richa samples of the same sketch. She thinks that both Beatty and Yash have created these things and she has got a lot of evidence that a big bomb has exploded in Akshat and Beatty’s life. Richa with Akshata went out to fetch her bag. Yash also takes his bag and tells Surendra that he is with Richa. Surendra slapped him and said that he could not go without invitation. Success begs him to leave. Akshat invites Yash and pleads with Surendra. Surendra agrees. Witness takes Akshat Yash and Richa along.

They reach home where Vaishali performs Aarti of Yash and Richa. Akshat takes Yash to the lawn and makes him drunk. Yash says Dad used to drink local liquor and he never drank with friends. Pratap says his father only has local things, but this scotch is imported. Yash feels that he has come here to enjoy life. Pratap forces him to drink alcohol. He says this is a really good thing and appreciates Pratap. Pratap offers him a drink again. Yash says no one has ever treated him so well. Pratap says that he has damaged this house and now we have to see what will happen to him. The witness comes in and gives him the signal. Yash finds weakness and using it he marries Akshat and Pratap thinks of taking revenge from Surendra. Beatty returned home and saw all her sketches and paintings scattered on the floor.

Pratap shows the canvas and asks Yash to draw a sketch to show his skills as shown by Rich. Success jokes. The witness informed Akshat about it and took him there. Pratap urges Yash to draw. Yash denies and finally agrees that he doesn’t know painting at all. Pratap asks that he said we want to paint. Yash says he never told him, but he is forcing him. Saying that Yash is a painter, Akshat reminded Richa and for that he fell in love with her. Pratap asks Yash if he doesn’t know the painting, the picture of which he showed to Richa and impressed her. Yash Beatty says he showed her the painting and impressed Richa. The witness provoked Akshat that Yash had handcuffed her to Richa through Beatty’s painting. Inexhaustible anger leads to success. Yash says it was Beatty’s idea. Yash told Pratap that Yash changed the whole game in his favor. Akshara told Yash not to lie. The witness asked why Beatty would help him. Yash says that Beatty is his biological older sister and he asked her to show Richa the painting and impress her as she is from a rich family. He collapses. The witness again told Pratap that the foolish success changed the whole game in his favor. Akshat sprinkled water on Yash and told him the truth. Yash says it’s Beatty’s plan. Pratap says people speak the truth while intoxicated. Akshat says, people say what they want when they are intoxicated, he knows that Bitty is not wrong. Witness says Bitty married him. Pratap says success is right.

Prepp: Beatty tells Akshat that the thief had come into the canteen. He shows her the drawing and asks if she drew it and if she is the biological sister of Yash and Surendra’s daughter.

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