Teri Laadli Mein 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Pratap Dies Trying To Kill Surendra – Telly Updates

Written part of Teri Ladli in April 7, 2021, written update on teleupdates.com

Grandmother with Urmila is unfortunately waiting for Surendra and Yash to come back home to celebrate their birthday. Surendra became very weak and returned home. Grandma and Urmila run to him and ask if Yash didn’t come along. Beatty informs Urmila that he has not done so. Surendra took his heart out and said that the boy took him out of his mother-in-law’s house. He turned to the photo frame of Yash and Yash, warning them not to interfere between father and son. When Yash was born, he danced for 4 hours and celebrated the entire month’s paycheck. . For his better future, but he became a puppet of Pratap and insulted his father. Grandma remembers the photo of her success, not her success. He says that without the presence of success and without Grandma making the cake, she will celebrate the birthday and feed the photo of Whitash. He grabbed the photo and fell asleep. Beatty applies medicine to his facial injuries.

The next morning, Beatty calls Video Richa and signals to bring Yash to the temple. The witness shows Akshat the bridal dress and asks what color would look best on her. Akshat imagined in a Beatty dress and said that all the colors look beautiful on her. The witness angrily throws her laptop. She is not a beggar but a witness. Pratap who thinks that Bitte needs to be expelled from Akshat’s life. Beatty takes Urmila to the temple. Urmila asks why she was brought here instead of Yash’s mother-in-law’s house. Beatty hints that Richa will bring success here. Richa brings success there. Yash asks Bitty and Urmila what they are doing here. Richa told Yash to leave whatever happened inside the temple. Urmila faced success for insulting her father. Yash says that he will never return home after what his father has done, but then he changes his voice when he sees Richa coming and says that once Richa wants to come back home. Beatty signaled to Richa to return home soon.

Surendra gets lemon juice via Delivery Boy and asks who places the order Yash Video calls him and says he has sent lemon juice to clean up his hangover and asks why he made such a big play last night if he doesn’t trust his son. Pratap should go to the construction site with him now, warning him not to talk about success to waste people and not to focus on work. Success agrees and disconnects the call. Surendra paid attention to it and put the fog on and left the house to face Pratap. Pratap arrives at the construction site and calls Yash a bitty there. Yash asks why he called Bitty here. Beatty is the obstacle in his life and he has to overcome it. Surendra gets there and fights with Pratap to take the boy away from him. Yash supports Pratap. Beatty also reached the venue and Akshat also went there to get Pratap’s signatures on some documents. Surendra mercilessly threw Pratap in the trash. Pratap took the stick and hit Surendra. Surendra hit the wall and collapsed. Trying to kill him again, Pratap fell into the building and collapsed. Someone reported their battle.

Prep: Police tortured Surendra. Dada pleaded with Yash to come to the police station and prove that Papa was innocent. Yash says he won’t do it and pushes Pappa to let him suffer for his actions. Beatty grabbed the beard and slapped Yash.

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