Teri Laadli Mein 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Police Arrests Surendra In Pratap’s Attempt to Murder Case – Telly Updates

Written part of Teri Ladli in April 8, 2021, written update on teleupdates.com

While trying to push Surendra, Pratap slipped from the building and died. Yash fled in panic. Someone called the police station and informed that Pratap had been attacked by someone. Akshat reached there and saw Pratap lying injured on the floor and took him in the car. Surendra wakes up and seeks glory and success. Beatty hides when she sees him. Police arrested Surendra for attacking Pratap. Surendra says he did not attack Pratap and his son has seen everything. Seeing Beatty, she runs towards the jeep, but she runs away. Urmila calls the video bitty and asks if she is OK and where is her dad? Beatty has indicated that the police have arrested Surendra. Grandmother used to shout at Urmila, but when news of Surendra’s arrest is heard, she is rushed to the police station with Urmila.

The doctor treats Pratap and informs the family that he has stopped bleeding and they should stop until he realizes that Akshat got a call from the inspector that Surendra tried to kill Pratap and he was found on the spot. Akshat informs the family. Richa said there must be some misunderstanding. Success took her. The witness shouted that Surendra and his children were behind her family, earlier Beatty and Richa tried to destroy Akshat and Yash’s life and now Surendra tried to kill Pratap. Akshat says there must be some misunderstanding. Yash shows Richa how he was tempted to marry her and live a grand life and then confess his sins. Vaishali called the inspector and lodged a complaint against Pratap.

Police brutally tortured Surendra and asked him to confess. Surendra says that his son knows the truth and tells him to call. Urmila, Dadi and Bitti reached the police station and when they saw Surendra being tortured, he shouted. Surendra reiterated that Yash knows the truth and stands behind him, so they should call him. Beatty repeatedly calls for success, but he doesn’t take the call and can’t think he shouldn’t bother. Beatty pleaded with the inspector to stop harassing her father. The inspector says her father is bragging about the boy, but instead the girl wants to help him. Beatty insisted to the inspector. The inspector asked her to bring her brother and asked her to give evidence on her side or to Surendra. He told the constable to stop torturing Surendra. Grandmother cries seeing Surendra’s condition. Beatty said she would go to Yash and bring him here. Urmila said not to go there and keep using his number. Beatty signal success doesn’t get there and bring it here. Grandma also says that she is with Bitty. Beatty was happy to see Grandma’s support.

Back home Supriya prays for Pratap’s life. The witness hugged Akshat and asked if Dad would recover. He says yes. Beatty walks with the grandmother and gives the witness a hint about Pratap’s nature. The witness asked her to stop the drama and then Supriya. Beatty signaled to call as Yash saw the whole incident. Yash sees Bitty and Grandma and tries to run away. Grandma looks at him and asks why he is trying to run away. He says he was coming to her. She requested to come to the police station and tell the truth. She will lie to Yash or the witness will order. Grandma said she was asking Yash to support her father. Bishali grabbed Yash’s hand and Vaishali’s hand and walked towards the door saying he will not go anywhere. Beatty begs him to say goodbye. The grandmother also requests the father to send the son for support. Vaishali signals to stop her drama and she agrees to marry her daughter in their house thinking she is a good girl, but they were keeping an eye on the money and so Beatty made the painting and gave it to Yash to lure Richa; She will make sure that the greedy Surendra should spend the rest of his life in jail. Beatty shows her NTO for saying bad things about her father. Grandmother confronted Yash for standing quietly, while his MIL insulted his father and begged him to come to the police station and tell the truth. No success. Grandmothers plead with their fathers to resolve their differences. Yash says he won’t go anywhere and will push her. The beard fell in the direction of the broken glass. Beatty saves Grandma.

Prepp: Beatty slapped Yash. Neighbors accuse Beatty and her family and try to beat her. Beatty gave her the courage to not touch her as she was her granddaughter.

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