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The incident began with Bebe and Rupa discussing that people can’t face what happened next. Yogis suggest that all of them should go to Jalandhar. He says, let’s go home, pack our things and go to Jalandhar. Rupa tells Pappu what was not possible this year, Mahi did in one day. She has taken us out of our cattle farm. The yogi says that Mahi is not entirely wrong. Her mother was injured and yet she granted us bail. He says just leave the past in this village and start a new life in Jalandhar. Although Rupa agrees to go with the yogi, she says she will never forgive Mahi.

Mahi is sad to remember what the yogi had told her. She remembers telling him that she did not understand what friendship was. Yogi, on the other hand, is crying remembering Mahi’s words, realizing that he can never be friends again. On his way home, Mahi sees Chanda who accidentally got into the car. She tries to stop him from shouting her name but she keeps going. She goes after Chanda and Arjun who is facing her sees her. She told Arjun that she had written her name on the suicide note and would not leave him even after she died. Arjun says he has to marry Mahi. Chanda says that we are always responsible for something like this. He says that if he does not marry Mahi, the old man will not transfer the property in his name. Chanda tells him to satisfy Dadaji first then they will get married. He promises her that he will marry Mahi and then leave her. After realizing all this, the fly fell down. Yogis also reach there by following Mahi.

The flashback reveals that Pappu had conspired with Chanda to convince Arjun of his true plan. Pappu reported all this while Arjun was trying to convince Chandi that he was marrying Mahi for wealth. He says that now Mahi will not marry Arjun and so Chanda will marry Arjun.

Yogi tells Mahi that she will not only break this relationship but I will break his bones. Mahi says I am not breaking this relationship. Yogi says I don’t believe you are my friend. The yogi tells her not to speak like a tragic queen. Mahi says you are my friend why are you aggravating my problem? I can’t break this marriage. She is told that she needs a life of luxury. She is sick and tired from work. The yogi says you are lying. He says your honesty and passion for work is clear so I want you to tell me the truth. Either you tell me or I will go and ask Arjun my way. She says if you want to listen, be it. She tells him everything, how money and jewelry were stolen from her house and house she had to face the lenders. She says she has to marry Arjun to fix it all. Yogi says you are not weak, don’t do that. What if your family knows about it. Mahi asks him not to tell anyone anything.

The episode ends.

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