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Scene 1
Chanda says it was a business deal for you. You wanted money for your family. You just wanted to marry a jogi. Am i wrong Arjun says you are right. Mahi came to me and said that her family needed money. Chanda said that she had planned to take Rai’s money and give it to Jogi. Jogi tells Rai, you know all the truth about your grandchild. Please be a great person. In front of us is the neck of a girl and her family. He says that my Arjun is perfect. I raised him up and gave him all the love and the right teaching. Jogi says you didn’t teach him anything. You have made him a monster. Chanda says we can’t talk to a father like this. Grandpa says Mahi you tell us the truth. Seema says to your mother how can you do this.

Jogi says she is not .. Mahi says she is our family matter. I’ll handle this. There is no need to tell this to an outsider. Pappu says he is your husband now. I have known this for a long time. Mahi says that what Jogi said about Arjun and Chanda is true. Mr. Rai knew all this. I was doing this wedding just for my family. Jogi did all this to save me. But I will not forgive this. Jogi has always considered me his friend. We don’t love each other.

Pappu asks Jogi to put his hand on the song and says that I don’t love Mahi. Jogis are silent. See what Pappu says. This is true. Pappu says put your hand on it and swear you don’t love Mahi. Jogi says I am not. Everyone is shocked. Pappu says put your hand on Mahi’s head and say you don’t love her. What happened Jogis are silent. Jogi puts his hand on Mahi and says I do .. I love her. I love her so much that I can lie on the song but not on her. Everyone is shaken. Jogi says, I don’t see Mahi in pain. I can give my life for her. Pappu says now look this is a confession. It all happened because jogis love Mahi. Mahi says jogi what have you done. You made me a liar in front of everyone. You have embarrassed me in front of everyone. Friendship is based on trust. I didn’t know you were hiding it from me. You have proved that a girl and a boy cannot be just friends. You proved them right.

Dadu slapped Mahi. He says, hurry is in your mind, you have not broken your faith. I was wrong. Girls should not be given so much freedom. Otherwise, people like you suffer. Seema said she cheated on us. This was happening in front of us. Renu says you made fun of our faith and love. Shalu says I killed Chanda for you but now I want to kill myself. The sky says I will return all your money. I don’t want to take money from a man like you. Rai says you are all together in this. You wanted money. It was all a plan to get our money. Glad we are saved. It was a deal for you. You were selling your daughter. Shame on such a family. Arjun says I will avenge this insult. They go away. Mahi shouts.

Episode ended.

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