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So guys here at Chapter 19 ❤


In Riddu’s room,

Riddu is taking a photo of the tribe

Riddu: Race… .. where are you…. Please come to me… I… I सम do not understand what is happening around me… I… I… do not know… why… why. Where is my family and what are they doing here this morning?


Vamsa (Vihan) came to the hospital but stopped in the middle to answer a voice .. iddu saw him and stood behind him till the end of the call… But.,

Vamsa (Vihan): I don’t want any mistake… .. No one should know that I tried to kill Arjun… OK? Clear all data. You dare not make any mistake … you know how bad this morning is .. okay?

Riddu (thought); What? Morning? Tried to kill brother? So what?

When Vihan started going to the hospital, she was in a trance and

Flash back end

Riddu; Vihannannan I can kill you now… but… but. First i have to find my forest Tasted. Stop and watch the morning. I’ll get you in my own game….


Morning; Hey, what’s going on twin brothers?

The dynasty was quiet

Vihan (laughs) You are dumb I heard you are not eating जे Oh yes I don’t want to see my twin brother die because I am hungry

Lineage; Why don’t you hit me right now … you’re scared… what a coward

Morning; Ha .. ha .. ha .. nice joke .. me and fear? Not possible… You are going to die soon, not now

Lineage; Hmmm! You can’t kill me .. Vanish’s death doesn’t happen in anyone’s case, it will happen whenever I give permission … Do you understand?

Vihan (holding the collar of the tribe); Nice day dream… Double brother keep dreaming your day द Bye bye. My sweet heart is waiting for me… ..

Lineage; विहान्नन्न


Suhana; Bhuva please tell me why my father did not come? Will he buy me my favorite chocolate? I can’t sleep without him… Mom is crying too.

Riddu wanted to cry badly…. But she can’t… she can’t be weak in the face of this little creature

Riddu; Baby your dad goes on a trip to get you more chocolates… so you love him so much… so you have to be a good girl to help your mom?

Suhana; OKK

Riddu; I mean, you can sleep with me tonight शिवाय I’ll tell you a fairy tale unless you sleep well.

Suhana (cupping Riddu’s face); Okke Bhua….

After a few hours

Riddu was fast asleep when she heard the voice आवाज. She went there with sleepy eyes. She was shocked to see a man lingering in her room through the window.

Riddu; What are you doing in my room? Aren’t you ashamed?

Voice; Why did I stop? I also met my boyfriend

Riddu; (Covering her nose) Are you an alcoholic?

Voice; Never.

Riddu (thought); This vignette is wrong I can kill him right now … This shortcoming is very annoying Wrong

Morning; Sweet… I… I… want to see your face (eyes looking at Ridu in her short and loose t-shirt) Your beautiful wow!

Riddu; shittt. If you see me, go now… You’re not ashamed to slip into a girl’s room in the middle of the night … You’re cheap

Morning; (Putting his finger on Riddu’s lips) Shhhhhhh Ih. I just want to meet you but now you have to put me to sleep in your lap… ..

Riddu; Hmmm! Are you crazy If you don’t sleep, I’m not your mother.

Vihan (making a face); Oh then give me something… then I’ll leave …… Pinky Promise….

Riddu (in an irritated voice); What?

Morning; A kiss please

Before Riddu could answer, Vihan wiped his eyes and closed his lips and waited until she responded. Riddu peeked into his seat and poured a basket of cold water, opening his eyes with his scream.

Morning; Aa uu uu ou ow o e o o o o o wow… what… what… what did you do?

Riddu (laughs); Look, I have put a touch of cold water on your body. Are you happy? Bye bye

Before he could say this, he pushed her out of his room before he could respond and closed the door and let her speak …..

The morning went on there त्याला he had no sense of what had happened… in the end he just had a “la la… la लाल lalal… .la… la.ala.lllla.” Is.

The next morning….

Vihan was combing his hair when he saw a shadow behind him… it was like a flash … the shadow disappeared before he turned… but then on a floor he never imagined

    But then he found something on the floor that he had never imagined

Morning; Joker cards? It’s not a joker card to scare me and Kabir Riddima… but how does it get here?

Vihan was thinking about today’s incident. His heart was afraid he would never be there… he thought he was insecure now. But he comforts her by telling her all the deceptions का is it true? Is it his illusion or a sign of an upcoming tsunami?

Vihan had to face some incidents which could not be a coincidence… ..

01 event,

While driving in the morning, a truck came and deliberately tried to kill him. When he tried to intimidate the driver, he went to the wrong place … then he stuck the same Joker card on the front window of his car with a note. “You missed the chance to die… but you won’t do it next time.”

02 events,

While he was busy with office work, a worker approached him and offered him some tea but he realized that the same Joker card in the tray had been copied. “Drink if you don’t want to die right away.” . He threw the tea with trembling hands.

03 events,

While walking down the street in the morning, someone threw some liquid on his face and covered his face with a scream. “Id cid … acid … acid … help me … help me …” But when he opened his eyes he saw his face was all right then he saw something stick on his shirt… .. the same joker card with a note“It’s just water … don’t be afraid … for your death, there’s a special way … so wait”

Morning; What is this I don’t understand what is happening now… this incident… they are coincidences… .. who the hell is and is threatening me in this way. How did that person know the secret of the Joker card… No no .. No… No one can beat me… ..

Kothe Vihan Bandist Vamsa,

A man came towards the tribe and stood in front of him दिसते he looks like he is wearing a red boat… ..

Descent (including Smark); I knew you would come

Person; This is not the right time to talk … let’s get started

Lineage; Our game… You, me and him

The two laughed and laughed while accepting their participation in this battle….

In Riddu’s room,

Riddu was reading a book when Sia’s phone rang.

Riddu; Hello Sia!

Sia was crying badly

Riddu; Sia… Sia. What happened to crying? What will happen.

Sia; Riddu, Baba. Baba. Right

Riddu; What dad Tell me Sia for God’s sake

Sia (crying); Baba left us forever. He left us …… he left….

Riddu; What? Uncle Raj? noooooooo


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