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Van-idddhima has done this duty to organize the entire wedding ceremony. And together there is another problem.

RS Mansion:

Desire: Go carefully !!

Idddhima: Yes I ..

And she got out of the race car.

Race Car:

Race (in mind): This dress for her I can only say grand words ..

He’s just staring at her.

Hi Ddhima: Hey Mr. start driving ..

The dynasty smiles and starts to drive. He plays the song “Jalima” and starts muttering “Jalima..o Jalima …”. While she is busy adjusting her strap. The tribe looks at her.

Vanash: Lame help you ..

He goes to her to help her. He is tying the belt while Riddhima is shining towards him.

Race: Don’t look like that.

Riddhima rolled her eyes. He fastens his seat belt and pulls back.

Race (in his mind): What does she think of herself?

Someone hit the windshield. Riddhima lowers her glass slightly.

Person (p); Riddhima (R)

R: Yes?

P: We are from News 21 .. I know who you are going with?

R: Why?

P: We have come from the press and want to see the face of that gentleman.

R: Go now!

She closed the glass.

Race: Why are you afraid to tell me? Say, going with my Jiju’s brother ..

Hi Ddhima: You just shut up..OK?

Race: No, why? Why can’t you answer those journalists?

Hi Ddhima: I have to go somewhere .. can I come in just 5 minutes?

Vanash nods. She got out of the car wearing her brown overcoat and glasses. Vanash’s phone rang.


Riddhima ties the reporter to a chair.

Reporter: Sorry ma’am..but what’s my fault?

Hi Ddhima: How dare you make me? Stupid!

She throws the whole thing away and then punches the reporter.

Reporter: Sorry madam .. please forgive me ..

Hi Ddhima: For a reason ..

Reporter: Yes?

Idddhima: You have to work for me ..

Reporter: OK mam ..

Riddhima gives her a number and says, “Talk to him, and he will tell you your work …” She left.

Back to car:

She came and sat in the car. Blood is flowing from her hand as soon as she throws the object.

Lineage: Blood? Who was killed again?

Hi Ddhima: Her luck was good..I didn’t kill her ..

The clan laughs and says, “But you were appointed as a person”

Riddhima: Detective

She turns her face away. He drives and they arrive at the large showroom in the mall. They are welcome inside.

Worker: MySave Arav कशी How can I help you?

Riddhima: We have come to buy some clothes for the wedding.

Arav: Your wedding?

Idddhima: lady! This is my sister’s wedding with her brother.

Arav: Oh .. welcome ..

They both enter.

Arav: First, Lemme show for you ..

Riddhima says yes. Arav brings 10-15 lehengas of different colors.

Arav: Purple for Mehndi, Yellow for Turmeric, Green for Music and Red for Wedding?

Riddhima says yes. Arav shows her some different colors. (Will show up at the ceremony, don’t miss them, the reunion romance that comes there!) Riddhima tries to do something on her hair that despite being a serious person she wants everything perfect. Vanish is standing in love with her. She is attacked by a lehenga. Arav goes to help her and holds her hand. She tries to solve it but he doesn’t give up. He is adjusting her lehenga.

Arav: It looks good on you.

The dynasty gets angry and goes away, releases her hand and adjusts herself.

Lineage: I don’t think that’s a good thing .. Riddhima, you can buy some more ..

Idd Dhima said yes and chose others. She is busy with other clothes. Exit the forest with Arav.

On one side:

Race: How dare you hold her hand forcibly?

He punches her five times and continues when she screams.

.. ..

It’s all for that part .. I hope you like it! I’ll upload another episode this week and then next Thursday or Friday..don’t vote..or see ‘soon!

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