Tujhse Hai Raabta 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani makes Avni confessed to trap Sarthak and Anupriya in fake cases – Telly Updates

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Atharva starts the episode by calling Sampu and says that he agrees with her. He gives her a meal and asks her to tell him his plan. He says if you tell me I will tell you who helps me. Kalyani thinks how to get there. She gives Atharva a frightening look and asks Avni and what is going on between him. Atharva says Avni and I have nothing. Kalyani throws items and food plates and utensils. Atharva also says. Kalyani says that you betrayed me before and even now. She says you will be punished and tie him with a rope. She says I saw you go into Avni’s room with my own eyes. Atharva says I went to talk to her. He says you are alive. So what does Kalyani say? She blames him and binds him. She came to the outhouse and there Avni was found unconscious and wealthy. Atharva says that Sampada is alive as if he is being treated and if she was alive they would have killed him. Pawar tried to stop Malhar from going home and asked him to look at the files as some cases were urgent. Malhar says it is night now, now she will look into the cases.

Kalyani tells Avni to regain consciousness and tells Sampada. Wealth hidden. Avni regains consciousness and sees Kalyani. She asks her how you got into Kalyani so fast. Kalyani slapped her and asked, “What’s going on, Atharva and you?” Avni doesn’t say anything. Kalyani asks why Atharva released you from jail? Avni says he wanted to help me with my salvation. She says she filed a fake case against Sarthak at her behest.

Anupriya tells Sarthak to go home and sleep. Sarthak says he won’t go home, because he’s her assistant now. Avni tells Kalyani to give up her honor and she says that they caught Anupiya so that they would not win Sarthak’s case and so they killed Hari and accused Anupiya of killing him. Pawar came behind Malhar and asked to see the case. Malhar says he needs to stay with Kalyani now. He saw the outhouse light open and went there. Pawar tries to call Kalyani and finds his phone battery dead. Avni said that she had thrown Hari’s phone and told Atharva to hide Hari’s body so that Mai could find it and get stuck. She says I’m just helping Atharva and I have nothing to do with it. Kalyani says that you had sent Anuppra to jail, but in reality Atharva had killed Hari. Malhar knocks on the door and asks who is inside. Avni shouted Malhar. Sampada thinks how to get to the secret room. Malhar comes there and tells Kalyani to leave Avni. Kalyani says that Avni is in her possession and tells Malhar that she is Kalyani and she was treating him as an asset. The report shows that Avni had confessed to her game plan. Malhar sees video evidence. Atharva came there and heard Kalyani say that it is better that she confessed to Avni, otherwise she would have put all the blame on Atharva. Atharva was shocked. Malhar said he would arrest Avni in the morning and release Maya today. He says he will be arrested once the evidence is found. Kalyani told Malhar that her mother had given her a sacred locket to keep the soul away from her. Aosaheb hears the voice and says there is something. Kalyani says there may be some rats and pull them out. Aosaheb praised Kalyani for confessing to Avni, saying that she would lock Avni in the room. She comes into the outhouse and takes the lock. The property was hidden again and the person who was in Atharva’s car got a call from Saheb.

Malhar released Anupia from the lock-up and Avni confessed that he had taken up the case against Anupriya and Sarthak. Kalyani and Anupriya had an emotional meeting. Once she finds someone to help Atharva, Kalyani decides to tell her everything. Anupriya appreciates Kalyani and shows faith in her. Malhar asked Anupriya to forgive Sarthakala in future.

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