Tujhse Hai Raabta 29th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani harms herself to prove she is possessed by Sampada – Telly Updates

Tujhe Hai Rabta 29 March 2021 Written part, written update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode begins with Kalyani pretending to be drunk and telling Malhar that she has been drunk for a long time. She goes to bed and rests. Malhar thinks that if he was unnecessarily suspicious of Kalyani, he thought, she shouldn’t have drunk alcohol while acting. He thinks of finding the truth somehow. He covers her with a blanket and walks away. Kalyani sends a message to Sampada about how she knew that Malhar ji would make her drink alcohol. Sampada says she had spoken to Pawar and I came to know that Malhar had sent Rao to buy liquor. Kalyani thinks this is becoming dangerous. Malhar tells Aao Saheb that he thinks Kalyani is acting. Aao Saheb says that when the spirit of wealth enters her, Kalyani reacts strangely. Malhar says he believes Kalyani is doing this to save Moksha from Atharva. He says this can be done using a technical dad. Aosaheb says Panditji had also confirmed this. Malhar says they will do it.

Someone informed Atharva about Malhar’s suspicions on Kalyani. He thinks how I came to know what Kalyani just called wealth. Kalyani gets up and checks her mobile. When Malhar got there, she got a call from Pawar and he is going to call. She pretends to sleep. Malhar checked her phone and got a call from Pawar. Kalyani thinks I told him not to call me. Malhar called Pawar. Pawar says fake father… Malhar Pawar says… You are talking about my plan on Kalyani’s mobile. Pawar asks if there was a call on Kalyani’s mobile and he said it was a mistake. Malhar says Kalyani may not know about my plan. He checks her phone. Kalyani coughed and asked him to take water to turn him around. Malhar comes into the kitchen. Kalyani thinks of deleting the chat from her phone. Malhar takes water and she thinks she should delete the chat and go back to the room. He relaxes her and gives her water. Kalyani asks if Sampani’s soul has done something. Malhar tells her to go to sleep. Kalyani pretends to sleep. Malhar checked her phone and she thought she would know her truth before the night was over and wanted to know what her helplessness was.

Malhar, Aao Saheb and Godavari meet fake technicians. Don’t ask technicians to overtake Kalyani as she is very understanding and clever. He asks Godavari if Moksha slept? Godavari says yes. When Aao Saheb and Godavari come to her, Kalyani thinks of her acting and Sampada roles. She threatens to kill Kalyani and thinks Malhar is planning to expose her. Aao Saheb and Godavari force her out. Kalyani sees the fake dad and decides to treat her like she is surrounded by spirit. Malhar tells Tantric to save his wife from the spirit of wealth. Pawar summons Sampada and says that Malhar is planning to expose the truth of Kalyani through fake mantras of Tantric. Sampada is shocked and says I can’t go inside, but you should go and warn Kalyani. Pawar comes there and tries to alert Kalyani. Malhar asks what is he doing here? Pawar says he has come to talk to them. Malhar tells him to stop. The fake tantric reads this fake mantra and puts red on it, she was shouting and telling Malhar to save her. She pushes Godweri and Aao Saheb. Malhar grabbed her and signed the technical. Anupraya comes there and stops him. Aao saheb says everything. Anupriya says that Kalyani can never work in front of me, she is in pain due to wealth. Aao Saheb says I can’t believe it either, but Kalyani is acting with fake technical mantras. Anupriya tells Tantric to stop and asks Malhar why he brought fake Tantric to know the truth of Kalyani? Malhar says all I do is know the truth and tell her to tell the truth, she says that if it was wealth she would not have done fake technical act. Atharva and Avni come there. Kalyani thinks that if Atharva finds out about her actions, he will send her away from Moksha for mental shelter. She pretends to have wealth and says that Kalyani’s life is in her hands. She attacks Tantric and tells Malhar that she also plays games with him. She threatens to attack Tantric and says who leaves this world. Tantric says he works for a drama company and Malhar paid him to do it. Anupriya tells Malhar to think that Kalyani is not acting.

Atharva wonders why I think Malhar’s suspicion is correct. Kalyani says I wanted to send her for mental asylum, but now I will kill her. Malhar asks if she is done with her acting and asks her to tell everything, says everyone is with her. Kalyani feels that she can’t tell as an uncle or that someone is helping Atharva and she can’t tell him. She wants to ask Malhar if she has the courage to see the reality. Malhar says wealth hates me and Kalyani. He says you have already hurt Kalyani and told her to kill him. He says Kalyani can never hurt him and asks her why her hand is moving. Kalyani says what will happen if I kill you, but I will get peace as Kalyani kidnapped my son. She cut her wrist. Malhar Kalyani shouts. Everyone looks stunned.

Prep: Aao Saheb tells Anuppra that nothing will happen to Kallya because Malhar is with her. Anupriya said let me go. Avni tells her to ask about herself. A lady constable came there and showed an arrest warrant against Anupiya for killing Hari. Anupiya is shocked.

Update credit to: H Hassan