Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kalyani plans to make Atharv reveal his partner’s name – Telly Updates

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At the beginning of the episode, Kalyani asked Malhar and others if they wanted to prove that she was the property and asked them to prove it from her wrist. Malhar asks Kalyani what have you done? Kalyani is unconscious. Anupriya worries her and blames Malhar for her nature. She says she will never forgive him if something happens to her. Sarthak asked Malhar to take her to the hospital. Malhar woke up Kalyani and asked Pawar to bring a jeep. Anupiya fainted. Pawar told Sampada that he came late. He says Malhar executed the plan and Kalyani tried to save his plan from Atharva and cut off his wrist. Sampada is shocked and says that Kalyani has taken this extreme step for my son.

Anupriya tells Sarthak that she has to go. Sarthak asks her not to worry about being with Kalyani. Avni comes there and tells her to take care of herself. The Lady Constable arrives there. Anupia says she can’t make her statement anymore and has to go. The lady constable said that she had come to arrest Anupiya as fingerprints were found on Hari’s body. Anupia says she was the first person to see Hari’s body and touched to see if she was alive. She says she only informed the police. He says he was looking for Hari. The female constable says Anupiya should come with her and show the arrest warrant issued by the commissioner. She says even Malhar Saran is not aware of this. Sarthak threatened to kill Avni. Anupriya stops Sarthakala from getting angry and says that Avni can file domestic violence against you. Sarthak says I told you to drop this case. Aao Saheb says that Anupriya will not go with you. Anupriya tells Avni that she will save herself and her family and Sarthak tells her to keep up to date about Kalyani. She goes with the lady constable. Avni smiled.

Malhar brings Kalyani into the room. Kalyani asks why I cut my wrist? Malhar says it was my fault, I doubted you and I feel bad. Kalyani feels guilty and thinks she is doing this to find out who is helping Atharva. Malhar said he had decided to take her to Mumbai for treatment. Kalyani says we have to fight Atharva. Malhar tells you how to fight Atharva in this state. Sarthak comes there and says that Atharva arrested Anupiya and told her everything. He says I shouldn’t break things in his office. Kalyani asked if he was injured. Sarthak says yes and says that Anupriya was very worried about him. Malhar says I didn’t know about it, otherwise Maya would not have been arrested. Kalyani thinks she won’t let Aya stay in lock up and call Sampada.

In PS, Malhar apologizes to Anupriya for doubting Kalyani. Sarthak tries to talk to his friend to fight Anupiya’s case but he makes an excuse and ends the call. Anupriya said she does not need the help of any lawyer. Sarthak yells at her and says I told you to leave the case, but, he told Malhar to do something. Malhar said he would discuss with the commissioner. Anupriya said she would fight her own case. Sarthak tells Anupriya to agree to help. Malhar asked Anupriya to help her uncle in this matter.

Sampada asks Kalyani if ​​she is crazy to cut her wrist. Kalyani says she had no choice. She has shared her plan to find out who is helping Atharva. Sampada says this is very dangerous. Kalyani said they want to do it, but before that she wants to meet her mother. She ends the call. Sampada tries to get something from her feet from the cupboard. She thinks what to do, she can’t go from there.

Kalyani comes to Anupriya and tells her that Malhar ji told me what happened last night. She makes her something. Anupriya says she is good. Kalyani thinks that you did not do the right thing by making my mother land in this situation, now you have to pay a big price for it. Atharva is exercising in his room. Kalyani came and sat on his back. She says Kalyani was injured last night and came to celebrate. She grabs your collar and says I have loved you for so many years and you have hidden from me the truth that no one in the house is helping you. Atharva says who will help me in this house. Kalyani told him not to lie and told her she knew the truth. Sampada calls Kalyani but her phone is switched off. She then calls Pawar, but he does not answer her call. She thinks about what to do, decides to go to the outhouse and find a first aid box. She thinks Kalyani had said the door was locked from the outside, so no one would see her. She tied her legs with her sari and he put on a shawl to get out of there.

Atharva tells Kalyani that no one is helping him, why would he lie? Kalyani said you Atharva lie to me, I am not a stranger, I am my own. She asks him to tell her a secret and she tells him his secret. She says they will eat and drink and talk about that secret. Sampada tries to get out of the secret room, looking for her luggage when she sees Avni outside. Sampada thinks that if she sees me, Kalyani’s secret will come out. She closes the lid of the secret room and Avni listens to her. Avni comes there. Atharva agrees with Kalyani. Kalyani thinks she convinced Atharva that she was an asset.

Prep: Kalyani got the message of wealth and thought that if anyone saw her, there would be some problem. Avni has blood stains and he wonders if anyone has entered the injured house. She asks who it is. Sampada hides behind the car and is frightened.

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