Tujhse Hai Raabta 6th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Atharv learns about Kalyani’s pretence to be Sampada – Telly Updates

Tujhe Hai Rabta 6 April 2021 Written part, written update on TellyUpdates.com

Episode Kalyani comes to Atharva’s room and asks what happened? Kalyani asks what happened, I am your Sampu. Atharva smiled. Kalyani said she destroyed the locket when Aao Saheb put it in the hall. Atharva says he wanted her to come to Kalyani. Kalyani asks, as our dinner date was left. He says, no, because you didn’t tell me your plan to kill Malhar. Kalyani said that you did not tell me that you have helped. She says we will date our meal. Anupriya and Sarthak follow Godavari. They are seen buying medicine from Godavari Medical Store. Anuppra asks the shopkeeper about the medicines taken by Godavari. The shop keeper said she had taken birth control pills. Anupriya was shocked and came home. She asks Aosaheb if Godavari has come? Aao Saheb says no.

Kalyani tells Atharva that he is making good use of the umbilical cord emporium. Atharva asks her if she remembers their favorite song? Sampada tells Kalyani that love is a story. Kalyani heard when she was wearing a secret earplug… .. she tells him. Atharva plays this song and asks Kalyani to dance with him. Kalyani dances with him and imagines dancing with Malhar. Atharva gets a message that he will go and get the parcel and asks her to come there. Kalyani told him to come back quickly. She tells Sampada that Atharva has gone out. Sampada tells her to watch CCTV. Kalyani could not watch in CCTV and went out. She finds him talking on the phone and calls. Atharva says that I was talking on the phone about important transactions in the business. Kalyani says if you go to meet that informant. Atharva says I will let you know when I come back. He says I’m late.

Kalyani says bye. She followed him and saw him parked somewhere. She tells Sampada that she will catch him with a red hand today. She went near the car and could not find him there. Where does she think he went? Atharva thinks that Kalyani was acting and remembers seeing the locket in her hand. He understood that Kalyani acted that the soul of wealth is in her. He says the game will be very dangerous. He pretends to call someone and says he doesn’t believe the spirit of wealth is in her. He says that if Kalyani was acting, our game would have been ruined. He says I am convinced that wealth is dead and I will not believe it until I see the soul in the face of wealth. Kalyani listens and goes from there. Atharva thinks that Avni has said that she has seen the wealth, and wonders if she is alive and Kalyani is cheating on me with her help. He thinks of finding the truth.

Kalyani meets Sampada and Pawar and tells them that they should work on our plan. Sampada says I should not come in front of Avni. Kalyani said I am free because of you. She asked Sampada to come in front of Atharva and she says today that we have to implement this plan. Pawar says Malhar Sir is at home. Kalyani asked him to send Malhar and Moksha to the fair. Pawar comes to Malhar and says he wants to take his children to the fair. Malhar tells him to go. Pawar asked to take Moksha to the fair. Moksha asked Malhar to take him to the fair. Malhar says you have to read 2 tables 2 times. Moksha says I will write. He says he will call Kalyani. Pawar says Kalyani went with Madam Aao Saheb. Salvation insists. Malhar takes him out.

Kalyani came to Atharva and said that she was tired of Malhar and Moksha. Atharva says if someone gives it to you. Kalyani says that I am not afraid of Kalyani and says that I will kill Malhar, and then we will keep Kalyani’s body in custody forever and then we will be with Moksha. She told him to get ready to go.

Atharva goes and thinks that Kalyani has come to trap me. Malhar tells Pawar that he will come there with his children. Atharva came back to his room. Sampya is sitting on the bed with a veil on his head while Kalyani is hiding. Atharva says he has some important work to do. He closes the door and turns off the lights. Wealth wonders why he turned off the lights? He poured the powder around the bed and now it will be seen how many people are in this room. He thinks Rangoli is a white powder floor, I know how many people walk on it. Kalyani gets upset and thinks if Atharva is doubting her plan. She thinks he can’t let her lift the veil of wealth.

Prep: Atharva tells Sampada that he is upset and can’t wait to see her face. He is going to lift her veil.

Update credit to: H Hassan