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“Virat Chavan” Pakhi shouted from the top of her lungs and woke up the whole house.

“Mohit, is he still 7 years old?” Karisma asked half asleep

“I think they’ve already started arguing,” he checks his cell phone. “It’s half past seven in the morning. Why did they start early today? Sleep, we still have 30 minutes. “

“So I don’t rely on them and set the alarm!”

All the families except Pakhi and Virat were gathered in the hall.

“If that continues, we will have to put them to sleep. They can’t disturb everyone’s sleep. The first thing they do every morning when they wake up is a battle that awakens everyone. For the first time I think the house was quiet when the wild girl was here, at least we all slept. Does Virat threaten that innocent girl? He can at least let her sleep and then he can fight, ”said Bhavani, looking up.

The whole family was now accustomed to the sound of objects exploding or the couple shouting.

“Patralekha” Bhavani shouted as loudly as she could

The bird was running down and was behaving like a victim in front of the family.

“Auntie, I will go and make tea and breakfast for everyone. I woke up so early today, even charisma can’t help me at work. “

“Masta. Masta Patralekha, you don’t have to worry about anything, only you are taking care of this family. Ninad, the maid thought by calling the agency. And correspondence, you spent some time with Virat and try to clear up your misunderstanding, because you will be the one to inherit this family! ”

“And what about my son’s aunt?”

“What about that? I’ve done a lot for your son Karisma, don’t worry. And Mohit, her delivery date is approaching, I hope you took a vacation.”

“Auntie.” Iamtheleadoftheserialandtyywillnotgivemealeave ”he said in one breath

“What ??”


“Slowly we’ll make breakfast in no time, don’t eat words”

“I’m the main part of the series, so they won’t let me down. But, I have only requested them to shoot for a few days in Nagpur, then I will only have to go for a few hours. ”

Bhavani was going to say something.

“Ahhhhhh” Karisma shouted

“Charisma” Everyone ran to her side

“I think her water bag burst, Mohit pulled the car out, we have to take her to the hospital immediately, Virat, call the hospital, Virat, help us to take her to the car, Sonali, you bring the kit” Bhavani said nervously. .

Mohit was driving, Bhavani was sitting in the front and Sonali was in the back with Karisma. Karisma was constantly screaming in pain and Mohit was getting scared while driving!

“Mohit be calm! The life of your wife and child is in your hands, insist on driving without fear. Saloni said nervously.

Virat, Pakhi and Ashwini were behind in the second car. Ashwini was praying all the time, while Virat and Pakhi were coming down quietly.

They reached the hospital, while the whole family was waiting outside, Karisma was taken inside. After 2 hours, they heard the baby crying, the whole family rejoiced.

The nurse came with the baby wrapped in a soft towel

“Congratulations Mr. Chavan, he is a boy!”

Mohit took the baby in his arms and started playing with it. One by one, each member of the family took him in his arms. The nurse returned

“Mr. Chavan, your wife is aware, only one person is allowed inside.”

Mohit took the baby in his arms and went to Karisma, put the baby on his lap and clicked some pictures. He gets a call on his phone and sets aside to talk

“What is the report?”


“I still have doubts, please keep me up to date”


“I can’t see you tomorrow. I’ll see you 2 days after the shoot. Come back. No one will pay attention to you.”


“Yes! Thank you. “

He comes back and starts playing with the baby.

Soon the whole family is allowed inside and all of them are surrounded by charisma.

“What name do you have for my grandson?” Sonali said while lifting the baby from Karisma’s lap.

“Arush Chavan” Karisma said looking at Mohit, who looked at her and smiled.

2 days later, Karisma was released, she was given a grand welcome in the family, the whole house was decorated and in the middle was a picture of the three taken to the hospital.

“Umm .. aunty I’m really sorry, but I have to go today. To be in the lead, They can’t give me more than 2 days offMohit said hesitantly

“You used to be lazy at home for a few days and now you can’t stay up all day. Why didn’t you choose for a better job? Where you can spend some time with family. Last month, you didn’t come home for 10 days better! ”

“No matter how hard I try, you will never agree with what I do. Acting has always been my hobby, so how can I think of anything? I am enjoying my work and I have reached this level with my own hard work! I am able to support my family and if I remember it properly, you have only challenged me to make money, not about what kind of job I do. To my knowledge, I currently get the highest salary in this family! ”

“What if you get the highest salary? Does earning the highest salary entitle you to talk to me again? Bhavani washed

“I never wanted to, but you are never satisfied with what I do!” Anyway, I’ll leave now, they’ve already changed the schedule because of me! ”

“What magic did that girl do to you that you started arguing her way?” Mohit picked up the car keys and Bhavani shouted as he walked towards the door.

Virat came downstairs wearing his official uniform and carrying a suitcase

“Where are you going now, Virat?” Bhavani asked

“I have been called to Delhi”


“My team and I went to see Vitthal Mane and his son last week”

“Did you go to Gadchiroli?”

“Yes! That is still my area. They were trying to escape by injuring seven police officers, so I had no choice but to kill them! In some records, his involvement with terrorists in the last few attacks was dangerous for the entire country and hence he was announced a reward of five thousand rupees. 50 lakhs to those who caught them! ”

“And what does that have to do with you going to Delhi?”

“They will honor me for my bravery. Our department will receive the prize money that I will collect on their behalf! They will also take care of the hospital expenses of the injured policemen and ensure that they get the best treatment. ”

“Virat, you have never failed to make me proud. Why don’t you take correspondence with you? She will also go out, then you can go to Agra with her. ”

“Auntie, I’m not going for honeymoon but for official work. I’ll take the bird a little longer. And Charisma just gave birth, I think the bird should be here as my representative! ”

“Virat has an aunt. In Virat’s absence, this house is my responsibility.” The bird jumped as usual during the conversation

“Pakhi bhabhi don’t worry about this house, I will take full responsibility”

“No Karisma, if you have just given birth you will have to feed the baby, so someone must be here to take care of the family.”

“Correspondence, I’m sure I would have allowed 1000 priests in your previous life to get a diamond like yours as a bride.” Bhavani said placing her hand on the bird’s head

“Then, I must call myself lucky, to be able to marry into such a loving family.”

“If you people do, can I go away? I have a flight to catch up. ”Virat interrupts the family drama!

Ashwini gave him curd-sugar. Touching the feet of all the elders, kissing his nephew on his forehead and hands, Virat left.


Sai and Ika Shika reached Delhi.

“Do you remember what I taught you?” As he waited for his luggage near the belt, Sai asked the student.

“Yes! I don’t have to get out of my room when you’re at a conference, I have to treat myself after the party, I don’t have to talk to strangers, and I need to buy myself a lot of clothes. “

“I did not teach you the last!”

But the teacher said, “But you taught me some things on my own.”

“It simply came to our notice then. I think it’s your bag, check it out before taking the tag. ”

They took out their luggage. A hotel was already looking to take them to the hotel!

The moment Virat’s plane left his car.

When they reached the hotel, Ika Shika was amazed to see everything in the hotel. When they got inside the room, she ran all over the place and started jumping on the bed.

“Ish Shuvagane! The bed may break. “

Ish Shika kept jumping

“Ish Shika Rastogi, if you keep jumping like this, you will break out of bed and we will probably sleep somewhere.”

Ish Shika immediately stopped and leaned down. Sai gave her water “You know your heart is weak, so why do you always jump and move around like a monkey?”

“I’m hungry, please eat a little, and then curse me as you wish.” Ish Shika Haftana said

“What do you want to eat?”

“I want to eat Chhole Bhature and Pavbhaji, it’s been a long time since I’ve been here! My mouth is full of water just because I mentioned it. ”

Sai remembers how Virat once bought all her favorite street food when he got angry about being abused.

“Sai Di, where did you lose ?? Order not fast, otherwise these rats will riot in my stomach. ”Ishika grabbed her stomach.

Sai placed the order and it was refreshing.

Virat, on the other hand, arrived at the hotel just like him, spoke to some officials at the reception and took the key to his room.

His room was on the left side of the room where Sai and Side Shika were staying! The waiter went into the elevator with him.

He was opening his room and the waiter rang the bell to the room to his right. Ish Shika opened the door and took the tray, she peeked out and smiled at Virat, who smiled back at her.

“Sai Di, the food is here, how many more years will it take you to take a bath?”

“Sai ?? I just heard the cream? Virat exclaimed

Ishishka had already closed the door before checking it out. He was standing at their door.

“Should I play it or not? What if she’s not hers? But what if she really is hers? What would I say if she was? Should I ask her a question? But what exactly? As a police officer? But, she did not commit any crime that would make me question her as an officer. But what if she is not hers and I insult the other person? But why am I thinking about her? I hate her, yes, I hate her and she has no place in my life, I don’t care where she goes, who she lives with or whatever she does. But, am I going to ask her if I have committed crimes that made her commit these crimes? Why should I ask her? I should play it once, at least I can see her and I’ve been listening to her for a long time. But, why should I? She was the one who cheated on me and not the other way around! I always explained my feelings to her! Or maybe I wasn’t? I never told her I loved her! But, I don’t love her anymore, I just hate her. Yes! I hate Sai Joshi and she has no place in my life. I don’t give a damn about her. ”

He quickly opened the door of his room and lay down straight on the bed.

Meals were served by Sai and Ika Shika. While Ish Shika was enjoying the meal, Sayya lost herself in thought.

“Ish Shu, I feel tired! I’ll take a nap then decide what to do next! ”

“I’m bored too, my shoulders have literally hurt from all the travel! Can’t they build an airport in Mussoorie ?? And who decided to build an airport at Dehradun from outside? ”

“Stop stumbling, come on, you go to sleep too, I’ll set an alarm!” They turned off the lights, pulled the curtains, and soon fell asleep!

Virat also fell asleep in the same position.

When I talked to the family about respecting Mohita ever before, I forgot to remove Bhavani from the list. She can never put aside anyone who is on Sai’s side 😉

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