Ture Love Never Diesies YRKKH Episode 6 – Telly Updates

Hello friends, I am sorry for being late here. Your love never dies YorkH.

After the accident, Karthik takes care of Naira like a child, he takes good care of Naira and the children, he does not go to the office, he works in the office at home.

One evening

Karthik gives Naira coffee

Karthik: Naira, drink coffee

Naira: No, I don’t want to drink coffee. Karthik will drink it later. Excuse me

Karthik was confused

Karthik: What happened Naira, why do you apologize? Naira’s eyes fill with tears

Karthik was shocked to see Naira in tears

Karthik wiped away her tears

Karthik: What happened Naira, why are you crying?

Naira: I’m bothering you a lot. I’m sorry

Karthik: Naira, why are you saying that you have ever bothered me?

Naira: I have been bothering you since I lost your sight, you take care of our children, you take care of me, I feel bad about office work

There are tears in Karthik’s eyes

Karthik: You have finished speaking, now please listen carefully to what I have to say. What do you think I am saying that I have a problem taking care of you and your children? How do I feel about having trouble caring for you and your children? Now don’t say that, Naira

Karthik speaks loudly. Tears fall from Naira’s eyes. He wiped away the tears as he was guilty of insulting her.

Karthik: Naira, please stop thinking. I have no problem taking care of you and our children. My first priority is to take care of you I don’t see it as my duty, I see it as my love, so please don’t stress yourself, don’t worry about anything, don’t worry your vision will come to you soon please stop crying now And give me a smile.

Overwhelmed by Karthik’s words, Naira sheds happy tears

Karthik: Naira, why are you crying? Naira wiped her tears and held his hand

Naira: Tears of joy, tears, Patdev, I am blessed to be a husband like you, I love you, Kartik

Karthik: I love you Naira, I’m glad to have you in my life, Naira, I love you so much

He kissed her forehead and she smiles at Karthik

Carav came into Cara’s room

Carav: Mamma

Naira: Carav

Kairav: Mamma Papa, I am very happy. Do you know what happened at school today?

Carav is frustrated and thinks he didn’t realize what Naira was saying

Carav: Mamma I have spoken to you but why are you looking somewhere

Naira feels bad and Karthik looks at Naira and tries to distract Carav

Karthik: Well, look at the paper in Carav’s hand here

Carav: Dad, today my school held a drawing competition and I participated in the competition. I won the first prize in that competition

He rewards and draws them

Karthik: The painting is amazing Carav I don’t know you can paint so beautifully it’s really cool he kissed his forehead.

Carav: Thank you Papa Mamma you haven’t told me how to paint yet

Naira was sad

Freeze parts