Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2 – Telly Updates

Unexpected part 3
Abhi’s company merged with another company for a new company.

Abhi threw a party to celebrate it.

Abhi: My business partner Shri. I welcome Aryan Sehgal.

Aryan made the entry. Wisdom saw him and everyone was clapping.

Arya looked at Pragya and gave her a churras.

Abhi: Aryan… This is my wife

Aryan: Wisdom!

Abhi was surprised.

Abhi: Do you know her name?

Aryan: Of course yes. I know wisdom very well. The right wisdom?

Wisdom slowly nodded.

Abhi: Pragya, Arya did you know before?

Wisdom’s lips cut off: Yes.

Abhi: How do you two know each other?

Wisdom was quiet. She was nervous.

Aryan: I’ll tell you how we know each other.

Wisdom panicked.

Aryan: colleagues We were colleagues years ago. But Pragya resigned. But I quit my job to start a family business.

Abhi: Wow! That’s cool. But wisdom why did you resign your job?

Wisdom became dull and Aryan became angry.

Pragya: I don’t like doing that. So I decided to go to an NGO.

Abhi: Good decision wise. I am proud of the work of your NGO.

Pragya laughed.

Aryan smiled.

Abhi went to attend to the other guests.

Aryan went to Pragya. Wisdom was shaken by anxiety.

Aryan: Meet me privately.

Wisdom looked at him.

Aryan: I said.

Wisdom became restless.

Aryan loved meeting her.

Wisdom: I will not come.

Aryan: Then I will tell you everything.

Wisdom panicked.

Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2 - Telly Updates

Wisdom: I will come.

Aryan got angry.

Someone unknown to them was looking at Aryan and Pragya.

Aryan shot Abhila. Abhi just died. Pragya sat next to him and shouted.

Wisdom: Abhi… please get up… Abhi

Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2 - Telly Updates

Suddenly Pragya woke up and saw Abhi sleeping next to her. She was relieved that it was just a sad dream.

She thought: Aryan can’t be trusted. He will try to kill Abhi.

She was really upset and upset.

Pragya went to her house. Her mother Sarla was surprised to see him.

She hugged Pragya happily. But Pragya Sarla burst into tears.

Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2 - Telly Updates

Sarla was worried whether the actor had hurt Pragya.

Sarla: What happened, Pragya? What?

Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2 - Telly Updates

Pragya: No, Maa still loves me very much. But

Sarla: But?

Wisdom: Aryan is back. He is now Abhi’s business partner. I think he joined the business to get closer to me.

Sarla was shocked: Aryan! But why has he come to you now?

Wisdom: He has called me to a place. I know his motives are bad.

Sarla: Don’t go there. Don’t meet him. Ignore

Pragya: No, ma’am, and I don’t have to go. Then he will reveal my desire and my past. He blackmailed me. He will hate me and leave me. I got the anointing even after a long wait. I don’t want to lose him.

Sarla: But it is not safe to go there.

Wisdom: No, sir, we don’t have to go. I will be safe. You know what

Sarla was scared.

After a while, Pragya left the house.

Someone played Sarla.

Sarla: Aryan is bothering Pragya. Wisdom is going to meet him and this makes me scared. Please follow Pragya when she goes to meet Aryan.

That person: Exactly. My eyes will be on wisdom.

Sarla was relieved.

Pragya drove to the place where Aryan asked her to meet him. She knew someone was chasing her. Sola had given him the responsibility to follow the wisdom.

Wisdom reached that place. Aryan smiled at her.

Aryan: I knew you would come here.

Pragya: Tell me why you spoke here.

Aryan: To begin with where things ended years ago.

Pragya got angry.

Wisdom: How dare you? Years ago I wanted you to make me happy in your bedroom. I refused to slap you. But you blackmailed me that you would insult me ​​in front of everyone and lose my job. But still I did not surrender to you. I quit my job without sacrificing my self-esteem. Yet you have shamelessly returned to me?

Aryan: Yes. Because you are the only woman who has said ‘no’ to me. I can’t be a pacifist until you come.

Pragya: You are very cheap. So why did you become an avid friend?

Aryan: Of course yes. Employment made me meet Abhishek Mehra and realized that you are his wife. So I decided to shake hands with him. I can approach you whenever I want.

Wisdom: But your wish will never be fulfilled.

Aryan: Then I will reveal the secret of anointing to you. I would tell him we were lovers. I will show our photos to Abhi. He will hate you. It will take you out of life.

Pragya became frightened and upset.

Pragya: No, you will not become an Aryan.

Aryan: If you don’t make me happy, I will.

Aryan approached her with a dirty smile and shocked Pragya. He hugged her from behind. Wisdom panicked.
Unexposed AbhiGya SS(Suspense Thriller) Part 2 - Telly Updates

Suddenly, a frightened man appeared and struck him on the head with a stick. Aryan fell down.

Wisdom was shocked. He looked at the peeping man.

She approached him and unveiled his face. He was stunned to see his face.

Wisdom: You?