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Vighnaharta Ganesh 26 March 2021 Written part, written update on

At the beginning of the incident, Shri Hanuman has urged Mata to move forward and will take care while thanking Bhairav. If he can get away from you, then his end is near.
While Bhairav ​​is chanting his mantra, Sridhar is meditating on the mother and sitting on the stone to meditate on the mother.
Ganeshji Pushpadanta says that whoever violates the Lord is invited to be punished but if the mother sits in meditation, Bhairav ​​is stopped by Shri Hanuman.
Shri Hanuman is telling Bhairav ​​that you cannot cross me – who is the main protector of me Mata. They fight together with their weapons but Bhairav ​​is unable to resist Shri Hanuman who changes the name of Shri Ram.
Ganeshji Pushpadanta says that mother constantly meditates while Sridhar also meditates.
Bhairav ​​is attacking Shri Hanuman but could not cross again so he uses his fast destroying forces and jumps towards the mother and Shri Hanuman seems to be invisible when he sees him flying but Mata says that if he goes away it is his end. Realizes and rises from meditation.
Ganesha says that when the person in front of whom you are affected becomes blind, they lose everything.
Bhairav ​​approached the mother and attacked her to escape her power, but the mother was also looking at her in anger, so he beheaded Bhairav ​​as he was destroying his weapon and moving fast towards him, fearing for his life. But when he flies over the body and falls head over heels, his head tilts.
Mr. Hanuman says that behaving badly and being arrogant towards the mother deserves a terrible punishment and Ganesha also describes it in such a way that Bhairav ​​was punished.
Sridhar and his wife are aware of the rise of the mother and see Mata in her true form, which is why they admire her along with Hanuman.
Bhairav ​​is begging Mata to forget this child of yours too, who never gave up his ego and blessed you too for the strange challenge and the mother said that you have accepted me and you have called me mother so you will get something from me.
Mr. Hanuman appreciates Mata for her great nature and for forgiving evil for trying to challenge her.
You asked Mrs. that you have become a great and supreme devotee so ask me what you want but instead she told her that you have always kept an eye on me to keep me happy so I don’t want anything but to keep all of us happy watching us and Your meditation gives you the power to hold on forever.
Shri Rama had told her that her devotee should build your temple to spread her devotion in this world because Shri Rama had told her that Mata was amazed.
Shri Hanuman says that if mother devotees do not ask anything, how will mothers know in this world?
Mata tells Sridhar that if this is the case I bless you and leave now but Sridhar gets emotional when he sees that Sridhar was going to his mother and he calls her back and Mata stops so Sridhar tells her that you can’t stay where you are. Bless me I will build your temple here, please bless me to have your temple standing here forever so that I may bless all the children of your world with your devotion and mothers will be happy and emotional so I am blessed to have her temple built on this trinity mountain and will always be with her .

Prepepp: Mata has blessed Bhairava for admitting the mistake of behaving arrogantly towards her, hence these people will be known as Bhairavnath’s temple in future. Mata asks Sridhar if I have given you your wish then if Sridhar is shocked will you give me something?

Update credit to: Tanaya