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The villagers’ sisters and brothers-in-law have come there and are welcoming them with respect. Her sister is very happy to visit her parents, while her brother and his wife have treated their parents in such a dramatic way that they are very happy to see their love for their parents, but the boy with the floral ghost spirit is amazed.
The sister and daughter-in-law of the villagers sit in front of their parents and their wife is serving water saying that we respect the parents so we serve them in front of everyone, to make her happy and she appreciates her. She says the same thing while eating, and they sit with their feet pressed against theirs, which reflects the fact that the village sister cares for her parents. The father was surprised but his sister was shocked and the parents themselves chose such utensils to eat such food and turned to him saying that the son of the villager would bring the utensils kept outside and the father would be surprised to feed them here. Mom tells her that we like to eat these things too. His village is Pushpadant and his father is trying to stop him. Instead his sister is screaming and her parents are screaming at everything. The village sister understands the cries of her parents and reminds them of the pain they have gone through to take care of their child. Explain to them that if one day they grow old, I will throw you out of the house like my grandparents and finally they realized their mistake and ran to bring them back and they happily lived their lives together again.
Puspant leaves his body and he is very happy to see that some family members are aware of their mistake as they have been kept stable, while Ganeshji tells me that hearing this from me has changed your behavior.
Ganeshji is telling Pushpadantha’s wife to listen to Savitri’s sister’s story but Pushpadantha is trying to take him away, while his wife is asking Ganeshaji to leave now when the behavior is changing, but Ganesha tells her to let him come. Running to him to hear stories of himself and more.
Ganesha started giving examples of different gods who sacrificed many things for their parents with devotion and also another devotee of Lord Krishna named Pundalik.
Pundalik’s parents Janudav and mother Satyavati who were devoted devotees of Lord Krishna who loved him like a child and first prayed with food for him and then they would eat. They make him fall asleep at bedtime, then they fall asleep and when they wake up they make him fall asleep. Eventually he was blessed with a son whom he named Pundalik and his Brahmin told him that he would choose his own path and no one should force him to do anything else. He tells the Brahmins that if this is the test to get him on the right path, then his son will definitely get blessings from the baby Gopal Sri Krishna. They both pray to Shri Krishna that Shri Krishna helps his son to show the right path.

Episode ended
Prepepp: Pundalik asks the clay statue maker if he can give him a statue of his lord but the clay maker tells him nothing but getting money and he is trying to make the statue with his own hands, telling the lord that he can’t go. At home without taking him.

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