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Sunny and Ranji Vijay are the hosts. He always explains the concept of the show and introduces the girls first.
1. Haley Shah

Haley Shah

2. Erica Fernandes

    Erica Fernandes

Ad.Diti Sharma

Aditi Sharma

4. Niya Sharma

    Niya Sharma

Sur. Surabhi Chandana

    Surabhi Chandana

6. Bright light

Bright light

7. Chandni Sharma

    Chandni Sharma

8.swarda thigle

Heaven thigle

9. Debamtta Sh

    Debamatta Sh

10. Rema Vorah (I don’t know her very well but she’s disappointed)

    Rema Vorah (I don't know her very well but she's disappointed)

Sunny: Are the girls out to meet you boy ??
All: Yes
Run: So we have five kids here who have Knights marked and if you want to know more you have to swipe right and if you are not interested swipe left.
Here is the 1st child
So 1 to 5 kids come and go.
All 9 girls swipe at someone, but Haley doesn’t swipe at anyone.
Sunny: Haley, why didn’t you swipe for someone ??
Haley: Ma’am how can I swipe to my brothers ?? Of the three are my brothers.
Sunny: Who ??
Haley: 1st was Nakul Bhai, 2nd was Zen or Angre Images 2nd and 5th was Kunal. 3rd I don’t know, but I think this bravery was from Sak, I don’t know him. And the 4th was Shahir, he was my CI actor.
New:🤣🤣🤣Hello Haley, you have it YP. Done ??
Haley: Let the boy come, then you will see.
Run: Okay, let’s see if Haley is right.
Sunny: Well that’s the first boy

Sunny: Well that's the first boy

Nakul Mehta.
Sunny: You were right about Nakula as Haley, while Nia was angry that she was right.
Nakula smiled at Haley and she ran to hug him.
Run: Well we have

Sunny: Zen Khanheli and Chandu look at each other with a smile

Sunny: Zen Khan
Haley and Chandu look at each other with a smile.
Sunny: We have 3rd,

Devamatta and Rimana went to hug Karanveer Sharmakaranveer with a smile

Karanveer Sharma
Karanveer smiled and Debmatta and Rima went to hug him.
Run: We have 4th

Run: We have 4th

Shahir Sheikh.
Shahir: Hi Eri, Hi Hilu
Haley: Pranam Gandhi Dhari Arjun ji🙏🤣

Shahir: Naru yaar
Sunny: Well we have the 5th

Shahir: Hi Eri, Hi Narak Haley: Pranam Gandhi Dhari Arjun G. Shahir: Narak Yarsunni: OK we have 5th V

Kunal Jaisingh
Run: Haley, you know all your brothers and friends well.
Helly: mai itni intelligent hu main kya karu ??
Nia was smoldering with jealousy and anger.
Sunny: Do girls want to meet more boys ??
All: Yes
5 The children came back wearing masks properly.
Sunny: Haley, do you know any of these kids ??
Haley looked at them carefully and said
Haley: 3 of them
Run: Who ??
Haley: The man with the pink and the flowers is the man, the man with the black is the giant, and the man with the white is the man.
Nia: If Rahul was hers, I would have known him.
Sunny: Okay let’s see
Pink in cow pls close your mask
He did

Sunny: Okay let's see Gui remove your mask in pink,

Haley shuddered, Nia shocked
We have another

Haley shuddered, hitting the second one closest to us


Running: So Haley, all your guesses were right

Running: So Haley, all your guesses were right.
All imj2 crew
(Chandu, Zen, Manasvi, Arhul, Vishal, Haley all hug the group)
Was 4

    All Images 2 crew (Chandu, Zen, Manasvi, Arhul, Vishal, Haley all hugged the group)

Tejaswi was very happy to see them

Vikram Singh Chauhan Aditi was very happy to see him

Vikram Singh Chouhan
Aditya was very happy to see his hin.
Sunny: So we have all the competitors
Enjoy Splitsville
Prep: Romamates, Nia Haley Fight
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