Yeh Hai Chahatein 1st April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha And Mishka’s Plan Fails – Telly Updates

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Presha and Mishka take the uninterrupted Sharda to her room and rest. Mishka tells Presha that cheap Kabir has escaped again, he looks at her with such lust that he wants to kill her. Presha says that they should use their weakness against him, Mishka should seduce her with her beauty and call her to her room, she will call Rudra and others there and expose her. Mishka agrees. Rudra is dancing with Sonia in the Holi Celebration view. The summary insists on seeing Prisha and dancing with Rudra. Rudra says she needs to make requests with love and with requests. She sees Nazron with him .. dances to the song. After that he gets romantic and they both dance to the song Ang Lag De Re. Then he realized his imagination.

Mishka tells Presha that we will execute their plan. The pressure pushed her into the water. Kabir is tempted to see her and goes to her. Mishka said she was completely wet. He thinks she’s inviting him herself. She asks him if you can apply Holi to him? He happily agrees. She paints his cheeks and says it’s his turn. Looking at it, Ahana smokes and this crawler is flirting with her sister. She walks over to Mishka and insists on going inside and changing. Mishka agrees and pretends to fall on Kabir on the way out and tells him to come to the bathroom of the room while she is waiting for him. Ahana sighed even more, but Presha took her back to the dance floor. Rudra dances enthusiastically with her.

Prisha wonders when Kabir will go while Mishra is waiting for him. Kabir pushed his wheelchair away. She apologizes to Rudra and follows him and calls Mishka that crawling is coming and she should be careful. Mishka said she was doing it on purpose for her sister and would record all her horrible acts in her mobile. Prisha warned again to be careful and she took the family. Mishka continues recording the phone and puts it aside. Presha came back to the dance floor and she thought that Kabanir must have reached Mishka and take Rudra there before he could do anything. She asks Rudra to come along, but he says let her dance. She insists. He was romantic. She says she wants to show him something.

Kanir knocked on the bathroom door. Mishka opens the door and tells him to come inside. She asks why she hasn’t changed? She says she was waiting for him, locking the door and says she envies her sister for getting such a handsome husband. Sulochana asks Rudra to check where Kabir is because she is worried that she may fall out of the wheelchair. Ahana asks what happened. Sulochana is missing. Rudra says he must have gone inside. Ahana thinks he must have gone to Prisha and said, let’s go inside and check. They are with her. Kabir acts anxiously and asks Mishka what she is saying, it is her bill. She says she’s not married to her sister yet and she’s already keeping an eye on him. He is wrong. She wonders how this creeping saint came to be. He said again that she is like his sister and she is not right. Ahana reached there with Rudra and Sulochana, was surprised to see Kabir and Mishka in the bathroom and shouted for them to come out. Presha joins them. Ahana asks what he was doing with Mishka. He says Mishka called him here and tried to lure him, but he considers her a sister. Mishak and Ahana were shocked.

Prep: Mishka tells Presha that her plan failed. Hearing this, Rudra became furious and warned Prisha not to force the choice between him and his mother and brother and asked her to stay at her parents’ house with Saras for a few days. Presha was disappointed to hear this.

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