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Prisha was shocked when Kabir hugged her from behind and Ahan complained that he did what he did to her. Ahana says that she has been saying for a long time that Kabir is lingering. Presha said that she would tell Rudra about it and he would throw Kabir out of the house. Kabir says this is a misconception. Ahana says that his truth has come out and now Rudra will come and deal with him. Kabir thinks that things are out of his hands, now both Rudra and Sulochana will beat him and lose his wealth, so he needs to do something.

Rudra returned to his place by awarding a contestant. Rudra was declared the winner of the Best Singer Award by the host. Everyone claps for Rudra. Rudra thinks that she wants to take this award in front of Prisha, why she hasn’t come yet? He touches Sulochana and Sharda’s feet, accepts the award and returns to his seat wondering why Presha didn’t miss such a big moment. He goes to the side and calls Presha. The sweetheart reminded Kabir to hug her back. Rudra asks why she hasn’t come yet? She asked him to come home now. He thinks something is wrong and runs home with Sharada, Sulochana, Saransh and Sonia. Presha sends Saras and Sonia inside and hugs Rudra. Rudra asked what happened. Presha Kabir says. Sulochana thinks if Kabir did something to Ahana. Presha said Kabir hugged her from behind. According to Sulochana, Kabir did not leave Prisha either; She has done such an act that Kabir is like a saint and he will never do such a horrible act, he tells Rudra to control his wife. Sharda said that Prisha never lies. Sulochana shouted that everyone insults her in this house, it would have been better if she had stayed in her old little house. She accused Perisha of lying. Kabir stepped inside and said that Prisha was telling the truth. Rudra asks if he knows what we are talking about and he is slapped. Kabir says she thought she was Ahana. Sulochana thinks if he is out of his mind. Kabir says that when he wore Ahena’s sari, he hugged her lovingly as Ahana. Rudra asks if he is crazy then how can he think so low about Ahana? Kabir says he loves Ahan. Rudra is shouting how brave he is to think badly of Ahana. Kabir says that even Ahana loves him. Presha says Ahana hates her and she told herself how he touches her inappropriately. She calls Ahana. Ahana came down. Rudra says Kabir says he loves her. The corpse tells Ahana how Kabir touches her inappropriately. Ahana said Kabir is right, she loves Kabir. Everyone was stunned. Sulochana thinks about how Kabir did it to her. Prisha asks Ahana why she said that before? Ahina said that she has now lied and is in love with Kabir, since she is Rajiv’s brother, she was hiding her feelings about Kabir and wondering what the reaction of the society and family would be; She was running away from Kabir and when he proposed to her she felt she deserved another chance and they accepted his offer. Kabir says that he really loves Ahana and wants to marry her.

On this Rudra says that he cannot believe it, they give him good news and if they love each other he will marry them; He asks Ahana not to worry about society and to start a new life with her new partner, he is very happy for her. Sulochana said she is happy that Ahana will be her arm. Today is a big day for him as he got the award and it seems that Rajiv is back in his life, says Rudra. He congratulated Ahana and Kabir. Miska asks if she’s sure what she’s doing. She says yes.

Kabir returned to his room. Sulochana enthusiastically compliments him. He sees Sharada’s necklace around her neck and asks why she is still wearing it. She says she will wear it until morning and asks how he managed Ahan and what magic he did to her. He says he used his brain and went into a flashback where Ahan thanked God that Kabir had done such a horrible act with Prisha. Mishka tells her to rest and goes to get juice for her. Kabir enters and locks the door of her room from inside. She panics and says he shouldn’t come to her room and try to slap her. He stands holding her hand. She was shocked to see her. She calls Presha. He closed her mouth and asked her to listen first. He asks her why he was behaving as disabled when she could walk. He says that he is considering her benefit and clarifies that the summary is the legal heir of all the property and not Rudra, Prisha is his legal guardian and therefore the property will be given to her; The summary is Rajiv’s son and Ahana is his wife and he can be the protector of the summary; Since the court does not give a woman custody of the child, she should marry him. Ahana agrees.

Prikap Presha hid Sulochana Sharada’s necklace in Kabir’s wheelchair and lost it, he said. She also informs Rudra about it. Rudra overreacts as usual. She finds a wheelchair.

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