Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha’s Plan to Expose Kabir’s Drama – Telly Updates

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The corpse thinks that she needs to find evidence against Kabir and they are looking for the color of rangoli in the color of their shoes, but it is not found. She then finds the sandals in color and realizes she is Kabir and she needs to do something. While having breakfast, Rudra asks Kabir if he is ready to go upstairs. Prisha goes to him and says not so soon. Rudra asks if there is any problem. She says of course and asks that Kabir doesn’t want to walk on his feet and he doesn’t want to ferris with Ahan. Ahana warned to act. Preeta said she is and has informed that she has been appointed to the Ayurvedic Center in Chennai for Kabir’s treatment and Dr. Swami called today and informed about the availability of the bed. Rudra gets excited when he hears about it. Sulochana says they should have celebrated the wedding first. Kabir was her supporter. “She is OK, but Kabir will miss out on treatment this time,” she said. Rudra says the marriage can take place later and will convince Sulochana and Kabir.

Presha takes Kabir and Sulochana to the treatment center. Sulochana says that Prisha spent a lot for her treatment. If the doctors found that he could walk, they would be caught, so they would have refused to send him, says Kabir. Sulochana says, even if they do, they find themselves in trouble, so he should take action and if the doctor leaves the treatment, Rudra will condemn Prisha and throw her out of the house. Presha told the story of Kabir and Sulochana to the doctor and asked for help to unravel their plan. Doctors say he can’t treat a patient who is already fit. She pleads that he is her father’s friend and that he should help her. The doctors agree.

Preeta then returns to Kabir and asks if the doctor is ready to call him. Sulochana said she is excited to see her son walk on his feet and if Prisha succeeds, she will be grateful for the rest of her life. Presha thinks she will be happy when their plan is revealed and she goes to fetch Ward Boy for you. Kabir was worried. Sulochana says that this is an ayurvedic treatment where he will only use oil massage and herbs so he should enjoy this massage. Ward Boy took Kabit to the treatment room. Kabir, what will the doctor ask today? Doctors say he will use hold and cold treatments to awaken his dead nerves and use hot treatments earlier today. He tells the nurse to put hot oil on his feet. Kabir writes painfully, but controls. Presha thinks he will definitely stand up. The doctor stops today’s treatment and sends him back to the room. He writes of grief over burn wounds. Sulochana applies ointment. He says he was told he would get massage and herbs but the doctors poured hot oil on him. He says that this is all the plan of Prisha and he has to suffer a little till Rudra’s wealth comes.

The doctor tells Prisha that Kabir is not behaving because he is suffering so much. Prisha said that he really walks so he acts and urges the play to continue. The next day, the doctor starts the cold treatment and puts Kabir on ice for 2-3 hours. Kabir controls his pain. The doctor informs Prisha that this is not working. He asks Kabir if he thinks anything. Kabir says no. He continues the treatment for another 1 hour and orders Ward Boy to take him to his room. Sulochana left with Kabir. The doctor tells Presha that no one can suffer so much in 2 days so Kabir is really disabled. Presha said she was surprised too. Kabir falls into a cold grave in his room and is numb at the feet. Sulochana applies the hot pack and promises to avenge every tear of pressure. The doctor tells Prisha that instead of treatment he cannot help her. Presha says this is the only way to make a last-minute request. The doctors agree. Presha took God’s help.

Precap: The doctor started electric shock treatment on Kabir and he stood on his feet. Preeta tells the doctor to Rudra that Kabir is acting. The doctors agree.

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