Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Preesha Senses Mahima’s Involvement – Telly Updates

This is the written part of Chahaten 9 April 2021, written update on

Sharada thinks that Prisha is hiding something. Ahina urges Presha to ask for what she wants as she looks irritated with insults and asks him / her to take all the items he / she wants and return Rudra. Presha said she is not hiding anything. Ahana is asserting. Sharda told Ahana not to raise the issue further and asked Presha to keep the money in the locker. Sulochana said Kabir would keep the money and was asking for the locker keys. Sharda takes back the locker keys from her saying that Prisha will keep them and leave with Prisha. Ahana scolds Sulochana for her cheap act and asks Rudra to find out who the kidnapper is if CC is no longer there.

Sarada puts the money in the locker and tells Presha what she is hiding. Rejects the pressure. In Rudra’s absence, they support each other and promise her, says Sharda. Prisha fell down and said that the kidnapper also wanted Rs 10 crore from Saras. Sharda asks who will benefit from Saras. Prisha said there is only glory. Sharda said Mahima is in jail. Prisha said that she is definitely proud of it.

The CB is unpredictable, Kabir said. Sulochana asked him to speak to CC and informed Presha that he had received a call from the kidnapper. He calls CC and accuses Rudra of lying to him and playing with him. CC says he has been in the business for years and will never betray his customers. Kabir says Prisha got a call from the kidnapper. CC says they should come together and find out who the traitor is. Kabir tells Sulochana that CB is not lying and Rudra is not with him.

Presha visits the inspector and informs him that the kidnapper has demanded a summary along with the money, so Mahima is doing it all. The inspector says how can Mahima do this since she is in jail. She asks to find out if Mahima is in prison. Inspectors call the jailer who provides information about the prison fire accident. Prisha says that this is not an accident but they should go there and find out. They arrive at the prison and discover that many of the survivors have been burned. Prisha said she was convinced that it was Mahima’s style of working to escape.

Maria informs Jerry about the woman asking Saraswati with the money. They say they will not include the child in it. She says they should only worry about money, get married soon after marriage and enjoy life. On hearing this, Mahima thinks that she will use it to her advantage and when she gets the summary and money, she will kill them and run away. Jerry came back to CC and lied that he had met Maria in prison. Minutes later another goon informs CC that a horrific accident had taken place in Maria’s prison this morning. CC wonders why Jerry had gone to see Maria some time ago and suspected him.

The inspector asks Prisha if she is sure that Mahima is behind all this. She said yes and they should find a way to get Rudra out of the grip of glory and nothing happened to Sarsha. The inspector says he will find some way by tomorrow. Presha returned to Sharda and reported the whole incident. She is worried about her son Saras. Sharda said that she is also worried about her son Rudra. They both express their feelings and promise to protect both Saransh and Rudra. Presha then goes to the summary of the game and asks about Rudra. She said he had gone out for some work and would be back soon. He says that next time he will go with Rudra. She hugs him and says he loves her more. He says he loves her too much and won’t go away from her and says he wants both. She caresses him and says let her sleep now. She sings badly so Lolita says she doesn’t want to sing. She smiled and said she would take him to her parents’ house. He is excited to hear this. She thinks he is safe in her parents’ home.

Prep: The inspector explained his plan and said that I need Saraswati’s participation in it. Rejects the pressure. Sharda suggests that Presha be taken to the police station and from there to her parents’ house. Presha took Saras to the police station and told the inspectors not to let anything happen. The inspector said another child would replace Saras. Kabanir listens to their conversation.

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