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The episode begins with the man stopping Sirat at the door. Karthik says that she had come to meet Carav. Manish says she can’t go. Karthik asks, she too had come earlier. Manish says that she was unconscious at that time. Everyone comes to see. Karthik asks why she can’t come? Sairat says Karthik is fine, sorry uncle. She turns to go. Karthik says wait. Manish says come on, keep walking. They start arguing. Karthik asks her what is wrong with you? Manish asks what is her relationship with you. Surna asks why are you arguing. Karthik says I will answer, Sarat saved Carav’s life twice, she did what not all of us can do, I will always be grateful to her. Manish says that she saved Caravala, her choice, you saved her grandmother’s life, so much so, you saved her house, her respect, her career, the settlement of points did not go away). Karthik says, no, we didn’t get points.

Manish says don’t visit her, don’t add her to the family. Karthik says they are family to me, they kept us at home without prejudice, what we are doing, I am telling the truth. Manish says she has no shield, show her the truth. Karthik says that I have heartfelt respect for her, I am grateful to her, we have a friendly and humane relationship. Manish says that this is more important than our relationship, society does not accept such a relationship. Karthik says I am responsible for all of you, I have cleared everything. Manish asks that you will defame us. Karthik says that she has become infamous because of me. Manish asks if she was slandered, if she would slander us, she would have taught you this. Karthik says no. Manish says give up this trouble. Karthik says her name is Sairat, she is not in trouble, she will stay here, she is my responsibility. Manish asks if Sairat or Nani is telling you this, she is abusing your wealth, she is abusing Kairav’s feelings, she is just a copy of Naira, she is not Naira.

Manish says she still has greed in her mind, you trust her, I won’t trust her, I won’t let anyone take advantage of my son’s feelings. Karthik says, please stop it. Manish says, take her out, focus on your family, work and Riya, talk to Riya, spend time with Riya, you want to spend your life with her, she has been taking care of your baby for a long time. Karthik asks what you are saying, how she came in between. Manish says that Sairat was between Riya and you, I will not let you ignore her, you have to forget Sairat now, Caravala has to forget her, I have decided, you will marry Riya and marry her, it is final. Karthik was shocked.

Manish says that he is ready to marry Riya. Karthik asks when I spoke. Manish says Riya’s parents are coming tomorrow, what can we say about Sairat. Karthik says wait, who said I want to marry Riya, you have a misunderstanding. Manish and Riya were shocked. Manish says you told Akhilesh, I have heard it. Akhilesh says no, we didn’t talk about it. Manish says I heard your talk of living for children. Akhilesh says we were talking about dance academy. Karthik says it was about the kids at the dance academy, you are wrong, you didn’t ask me and decided to marry me, I have kids, will you decide me, who said I will get married. Rhea tells Surekha to do something. Surekha says we have to keep quiet. Manish says I am your father, I have the right to decide to improve you, you take care of Carav, I take care of you. Karthik says that Carav is small. Manish says you are an emotional fool, you can speak in anyone’s words, I will not let this happen, you will marry Riya and this is the last, you will not be friends with Sairat. Carav comes to see. Karthik says we will not do this, I will end this affair, I will not marry Riya, she does not even exist for me, I have not even seen her as a friend. Rhea cries.

Manish asks how do you feel, you have a relationship with Sirat, why. Karthik says what do you think. Manish says explain it to me. Carav says Manish will probably send Sairat. What will you answer people, what is the relationship with her, Manish asks, you will make her your wife, will you marry her? Karthik says yes, I will marry her. Everyone is shocked. Karthik says you think whatever I do, I will marry Sairat, no one will find who loves me, she saved the caravan twice, she didn’t think before risking her life, who else will I get for my son, it will be good for the caravan, I I will marry Sarat. Manish asks if you are ready to marry this Sairat? Karthik says yes. He stops saying and looks at Sarat. Sairat cries and runs away. Manish applauds. He tells Karthik to say again, will he marry Sairat, you can’t tell, you are wise, you know the girl doesn’t deserve this house, her face is matched with Naira’s, you need an educated and sensible girl. A good family, one day you will understand that I am right. Rhea cries and walks away. Karthik also goes inside the house.

Sairat got angry and threw the glass bottles. Nani comes and sees her. She asks why are you angry “Kartik wants to marry me,” says Sirat. Karthik goes to his room and closes the door. He says how I said this in anger, I will think before I say anything, how can it be so crazy, what happened to me, I did not think of the family, Sairat and Naira. He sits down crying and says you have cheated on your Nair.

Karthik says I have hurt everyone’s heart. Nadi said Naira would not be hurt. Sirat says that my decision will be only mine. Grandmother says that Carav sees Naira in Sairat, at least for their benefit.

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