Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Akshu goes missing – Telly Updates

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The episode starts by asking Karthik if you are done. Sairat says we didn’t do it right. Akshu smiled. Karthik smiles and says she is smiling at you, I have to go to work, can you handle her? Sairat said, yes she should have no problem. He says I’m going, be careful. Wants to ask her what she means. He goes Sairat plays with Akshu. Sheila is enjoying the mango. Rhea comes and asks her the secret. Sheila asks do you feel crazy? Rhea said yes, you’re crazy, you took the money and had to leave by now. Sheila said I would not have been happy, what a hurry, be patient. Rhea teases her. Sheila said if I leave I will take you with me. Rhea went and heard Grandma asking about Akshu. Surna said she is with Sairat. Karthik says yes, I have left her there, Sairat was scared, she will feel good playing with Akshu. Rhea said, “If Sairat hadn’t come in, I would have got the baby. Once Sheila told the truth, Sairat can’t show her face to anyone.”

Sonu is associated with Kairav ​​and lineage. Carav says guests are special, you can play with anything, don’t ask without playing and don’t break. Sonu assures. Kairav ​​asks is there any quarrel between your mother and father? Sonu says no. Karthik comes and hears this. Sonu remembers Sheila’s words. He says, yes, they had a quarrel, we are not allowed to talk about the father. Carav says sorry. The clan says I think he’s cheating on you. Carav says he would be a fool himself. Sairat plays with Akshu. Sairat hears a voice and goes out to see. She came back and couldn’t see Akshu. She asks Nani where is she? Nani says she was playing with you. Karthik comes and says, I have come to take Akshay. It’s time to feed her. Sairat says she is not here. He will ask where she will go, did Carav come to pick her up? They go to see.

Karthik goes home and shouts to the caravan. They say that Akshu is not there. Karthik calls the staff. He asked if anyone had seen Akshu. Grandma asks Sirat what happened. Sairat tells them. Surna asks how you left the baby alone. Everyone cares. Rhea said I don’t trust her, something is missing, Axis can’t go by herself. Karthik’s grandmother has told Sairat that it is her fault for leaving the baby, she does not know how to take care of the children. Manish says but you think she is great, Karthik thinks she is a perfect match, she will be the mother of his children. Riya said that Suvarna is right to take care of the children, I did not leave Akshu alone, Sairat is getting married, but her focus is not on the children. Karthik says enough Riya. He asks the staff to find Akshu. The family had also rushed to find Akshu.

He shouts that I just want my baby. Sairat cries. Rhea said if something happens to Akshu what will happen to you. Everyone is in search of an axis. Karthik says I left Akshu here, where is she, I will find you. Sairat comes and says sorry. He goes She says Akshu can’t go by herself, someone took her, who could be. She remembers Rhea’s words. Karthik asks Lava and Kushla did they find anything? They say no. Akhilesh says nothing is seen in the CCTV footage. Karthik says it’s my fault, Grandma is right. Everyone is stressed. Grandma panicked. Rhea takes care of Grandma. She told Grandma not to worry, she would find Akshu. Sairat sees. She hides Rhea behind. Everyone is still finding Akshu. A beggar says that I have seen a girl giving this child to a boy, he was a tall bald man. Karthik thanks him. Manish asks what do you mean, will you stop looking? He tells the staff to go. Manish says I will not leave Sairat. Rhea went out. Sairat follows. Love asks Karthik to look at Akshu. Karthik shouts at Akshu. He runs behind the auto. Sairat comes and says where Rhea has gone, maybe she is still inside, I doubt she did it.

Karthik stopped the auto rickshaw. Sarat follows Rhea. Karthik looks at the other.

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