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Yesu March 29, 2021 Written part, written update on

The episode begins with Mary coming to Joseph and shows Magu the first earnings that Magan gave him, but Jesus told her to come back because we stopped helping him. Joseph says he wants to save Jesus from being deceived, just as he did in business. He says I don’t want to break Jesus’ faith and he says I’m a bad business, if I was good I would be rich. Mary said Jesus has embarked on this journey and we need to help and inspire him. She says Jesus will learn from us and we will learn from him. She says that those who deceived you became rich, but your sincerity gave you the Son of God. She asks if he sees Jesus upset. Early in the morning, Jesus got up and found the coins. He hears the sound of a hammer and comes out. Joseph says he built the car for a special customer. Jesus asks who is he? Joseph says he built a car for him so they could sell jaggery. Jesus is happy.

Magan tries to sell jaggery at the fair, but no one buys it. Jesus comes there and says that he will stay with him until the end of the fair. Magan tells him not to show sympathy and tells him to go. Jesus apologizes and says that he has decided to sell jaggery while his brother and sister are selling jaggery. Magan says it takes a lot of money. Jesus says, I have brought jaggery with the money you gave me last time. He makes jaggery balls. It is announced that whoever sells more of them will be at the top. Jesus and others sell jaggery, and Magan came in third. The top 2 sellers are worried. Jesus pays Magan and says this is today’s earnings. Asia asked him if his name was up. 2 Magan becomes happy and emotional. He tells her to rest. Jesus comes back and says that when your son comes back after the fair, he will be happy and you will be proud. Magan gets emotional. The sellers call the meeting and pretend to stop Jesus somehow.

James thanks Joseph for making the jaggery. The younger brother says that we have sold a lot of jaggery balls. Mary asked how much he earned. James says you don’t understand being a woman. Joseph tells them that a great entrepreneur is a woman and that she calculates how much food the family needs and makes food. He explains to James that all girls can do is what boys can do. James says I understand very well that both girls and boys can do everything. Joseph came to Jesus and asked if everything was OK. Jesus says I don’t know what’s going on with me, and there’s a strange sound in his stomach. Joseph says it’s uncomfortable. If Magan Chacha did not win the competition, Jesus says. Joseph told him to believe in God and that they would get food. Jesus tells Joseph that whenever he needs guidance he always guides him and tells his father to be great. Joseph remembers Mary’s words that Jesus needs her and he will learn from her. And Joseph will learn something from him. Tomorrow was a big day for him, so Joseph told Jesus to rest. He says your mother and I will come to the fair tomorrow. Jesus hugs him.

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Update credit to: H Hassan