Yeshu 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Sellers cheat Magan and accuses Yeshu – Telly Updates

Yesu March 30, 2021 Written part, written update on

While the episode is going on, Yelub starts falling down and tells Jesus that he can’t go any further. Jesus tells him to sit down and sell jaggery, while Asia and he will sell jaggery balls. The seller thinks they don’t know what Jesus can do with them. Jesus sells jaggery and is happy. Jacob told Magan not to worry and your name is now on the 2nd. He says you come up soon. Magan reminded that his son was happy when he won the fair and if he won, he could earn his son’s love and respect. He goes to collect jaggery. The seller comes to Jacob and tells him that Jesus has fallen. Jacob goes there. Magan comes to the shop again and finds the sellers. The sellers ask Magan to come with them and celebrate their victory. Magan remembers Jesus’ words but goes with them.

The seller puts a box in Magan’s shop and this will destroy Jesus’ hard work. Jesus knew something was wrong. Jacob comes to Jesus and asks where he fell. Jesus says he is right and he thinks something is wrong. Magan thanks Vineet and goes to his shop. Jesus is also there. Vineet shouts and says that his money box has been stolen and Magan is accused. Magan says I was with you. Vineet says that Jesus stole his box and told his man to find the shop. He says that if I am wrong, they will apologize to Jesus. Vendors search the box and they are found in Magan’s box. Vineet says Jesus is stealing and calls him a thief. Vineet told his salesman to beat Jesus and throw him out. Magan tries to save him, but the seller pushes him away and goes to Jesus to beat him. Toysler arrives and beats the seller and warns him not to say any bad words to Jesus. He told them to take him home. As a good man, Jesus is telling him to stay away from violence. Toysler dropped the knife and said that Jesus saved people just because he loved everyone.

Magan understood Vineet’s plan. Vineet asks Magan what he will do to save Jesus from this accusation. Toyseller tells Jesus that they will go home. Jesus says that Magan Chacha will not be left alone and will leave after the outcome of the contest. Magan comes back and tells Jesus to go. Jesus asks what is he hiding? Magan says he will pay the price and tell them to go back. They found the shop cluttered. He says he shouldn’t trust Vineet. He told Vineet to leave Jesus. They threw all the jaggery balls and ransacked his shop. Jacob says our hard work has been wasted. Jesus says everything is not over yet.

Prep: Jesus brings a jaggery from Magan on the first day and tells everyone that it is special and no one can buy it. Everyone looks at him in amazement.

Update credit to: H Hassan