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The episode begins with Mary and Joseph Magan’s shop and finds jaggery balls lying in and out of the shop. Jesus asks, where is Jesus. He is seen carrying a jaggery in his hand and telling Magan not to lose hope, as so far she can win the competition. He says you were told that everything has a price and that jaggery ball in that hand is fantastic and they can win the competition. He stands in the middle of the fair and says that the jaggery in his hand is unusual and no one is able to sell it. They ask what is fantastic about it. They say it is made up of special elements. Asia says we will win. James says this is not possible. Manu says it is possible. Jesus says it contains the love of the Father. He says he went out with his mother and bought jaggery. He says that when I got home, my father told me to make food by hand. He says the love of my parents is attached to him. He says that Magan uncle used to feed jaggery to his son in his childhood, that is why he is very valuable. A man says that my son is your age, but I could not spend time with him and could not eat him with my hands. He says I can’t remember with him and asks if you can give me this jaggery ball and are you ready to give me 100 coins? The other man says he wants to take a jaggery ball and he wants to take it for his dad and make that moment. The third man says he wants to collect this jaggery in his sister’s memory. Jesus says he wants them to take it and asks them to decide who wants to take it.

The boy says we will bet and decide. Joseph says that because of Jesus’ sweet words, three people are fighting for a jaggery ball. Mary credits Joseph with his upbringing and love. James says the auction starts now. Three children / traders start betting with 100 coins, 220 coins, 250 coins. “We need more than 1,500 coins to defeat Vineet,” says Jacob. Asia says what do you think someone will buy this jaggery ball at a higher price. Jesus says we should pray to God and ask Asians to decorate it. Jacob and Asia argued and tried to catch the jaggery ball. The auction ended with the bidder betting coins00 coins. The jaggery ball falls down and cuts into three pieces. Jesus was sad. Jacob and Asia are also sad. The merchant who bought the 600 coins asks Jesus to give him a jaggery ball, which he says he wants to take to his son. Jesus goes to the broken jaggery ball and prays that if the merchants go empty handed they will not be able to contact their family. He collects jaggery and it is found to be a whole jaggery. He thanks God and gives a jaggery to a trader. Another trader says that if you had another jaggery ball, I would have taken it to my father. Jesus takes another piece and it becomes a full ball. The merchant asks how you got the other jaggery ball. Jesus says that this is a gift from God, as he should remember with his Father. He tells his father to eat with his hands. The merchant gives him 400 coins. Magan looks surprised. A third merchant comes in and says I got you another jaggery ball. Jesus takes the third piece and it is finished. The third merchant thanks him and gives him 400 coins.

As the fair draws to a close, whoever wins the most money is declared the winner. Asia says Vineet is still ahead. “I don’t know how you made three jaggery out of 1, but you sold two jaggery coins out of 10,000,” says Magan. The head of the fair counted the coins and said that both Magan and Vineet have 10,000 coins. Vineet says I had 10,000 coins. The boy counts that the game winner is two. He says you two get 5 coins each. Magan says he doesn’t want to share it with Vineet. Jesus brings mud pots from Magan’s shop and tells the man that he can declare Magan the winner, and later reminds him that he bought a jaggery for 2 coins. Everyone is happy when Magan is declared the winner with 1402 coins and gets 10 coins.

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Update credit to: H Hassan