Friendship turned into a love story #Riansh Episode 60 – Telly Updates

The episode starts with Riddhima returning to the room while holding a plate of sugar and a glass of ice. Vansh was being in a very critical state when Riddhima has arrived. He was trying to minimize that too much chili taste by drinking water, but without any result.Riddhima: The hot taste of the chili … Read more

RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 8 – Telly Updates

Hello friends Thank you all for your immense response. Please, keep supporting me like this .. Part starts with Riddhima: Brother, I need to talk to you. Raga: I don’t want to talk about this mehndi. Do you have anything else to say Riddhima: Brother, I have nothing but this. Anger: Then, I don’t want … Read more

Faith – A Riansh Fanfiction (Chapter 10) – Telly Updates

Chapter Ten “I’m so glad you’re here,” replied Riddhima as she picked some flowers from her garden. She leads them to the door. Her look Her house She told me, “I hope you didn’t bother to find that place.” “Wow! Whose car is this ?! ”Angre exclaimed, looking at the black Lamborghini. “Of course it’s … Read more

Faith – A Riansh Fanfiction (Chapter 9) – Telly Updates

Chapter Eight It looked like one The perfect dream home Every child would have dreamed of, it is a few miles from the beach and she owns a nice warm garden. Everyone was sitting in their cars. Sia’s look Ishani’s look Ahana’s look Aunt’s look Grandmother’s form The look of the forest Angre’s appearance The … Read more